Altcoin News – Charlie Lee Sells His Litecoin, Cofounder Sells Bitcoin

Today in news from around the cryptocurrency world includes a sell off of Bitcoin into Bitcoin Cash by co founder as well as Litecoin founder Charlie Lee selling his Litecoin.


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  1. hasp24
    hasp24 says:

    There should be a law against this. Insider trading perhaps? Another prominent Bitcoin personality cashing out when Bitcoin is at its all time high BEFORE telling the public about how bad it is and that he sold it all. Then I bet he sold off some profits of Bitcoin Cash to enter back into Bitcoin at its low. Gavin Andresen did exactly the same thing a few years ago.

  2. Alberto Hernandez
    Alberto Hernandez says:

    I could've bought bitcoin cash right before the pump to 8500, hated myself for not doing it, but then realized this caused all the altcoins to fall, so I ended up being 10X glad because I got a bunch of altcoins at a discount. XVG alone up 100+% in 24hrs 😎

  3. Aaron Strong
    Aaron Strong says:

    Japanese Internet company GMO is building a 500 PETAHASH farm. I don't like asic miners, it allows large companies to centralize coins too much, so I like coins with asic resistant tech like equihash coins. Bitcoin gold looks good, but I'm also interested to see what bitcoin diamond brings. At the same time I don't like all the forks so I really like etherium in that reguard.

  4. OTT2OWN
    OTT2OWN says:

    Crypto noob here,
    So I have $500 to invest,should I buy Bitcoin,Litecoin or Ethereum? The thing is,I want to be able to buy altcoins as well so can I only buy altcoins with bitcoin,is that the only way to purchase them? Thanks to anyone who can help me!


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