Ethereum Leads Altcoin Bull Market Rally into December

Altcoins rally behind a Black Friday Market Rally lead by Ethereum,


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  1. Cryptocurrency Asset Classes
    Cryptocurrency Asset Classes says:

    I just subscribed to your video I think it's one of the better educated videos I've seen in awhile. I'm curious on what your position or take on Nem is?

    I don't hear a whole lot about them. I purchased for the Long Haul. Made about $600 so far. But I feel like it's going to go up to 2200 Several years from now. Their technology just hasn't been seen yet I don't think

  2. Small Time Reefz
    Small Time Reefz says:

    Great videos man, hodling alts and their gains right now. The market cap is on it's way to doubling since I got into cryptos a little over a month ago. Grabbed a bunch of quantstamp and substratum after your vids. What alts are you definitely hodling for the long term?


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