Interview with Judah Hirsch – CEO Salarium

Welcome to the interview with Judah! This is sponsored content, but today we’re trying something new and doing a live stream instead of an offline recording. This means that you guys can ask questions directly to the CEO, share your views and opinions on the project and interact with the team. Let me know what you think! As always, leave a LIKE if you liked the team, project and idea and leave a DISLIKE if you disliked the team, project or the idea.


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  1. VokAin
    VokAin says:

    Hey Ivan cool stream, I really like these interviews as they give a cool view of the company. I wish my company paid me in crypto 🙂 I will need to speak to them about Salarium. Are you planning on doing some interviews with DEV from some upcoming privacy coins? I've been lately looking at Verge and DeepOnion and I would love you to do something similar to this with those guys. They seem to be performing pretty well and have interesting pipeline but obviously we still have Dash/Monero/Zcash that are already establish.
    Well anyway keep it up and I'm looking forward for next video 😉

  2. 伍笑
    伍笑 says:

    I don't understand why they change their target that write in whitepaper Chinese and Japanese version said "SALPay try to sell out all these token before Christmas." , but "SALPay will aim to have this drop before January 15, 2018." in English version.

  3. Diox Helper
    Diox Helper says:

    I am biased on this Salarium.. IDK really.. there are risk here.. Please make review on Deeponion, Kucoin listed it recently and I see huge hype arrount it recently, price is having heavy action and after visited their community I was impressed. It is privacy TOR based coin please take a look in some of your videos. I bought some today, thinkg to go deep wanted to see your opinion on it


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