Altcoin Cycle Analysis – BTC.D At Important Resistance – Alts Close To A Breakout?

In this video I lay out several reasons why now could be the time for altcoins. Q4 of 2019 + Q1 2020 are the quarters to look at for altcoins.

– First reason is that the Bitcoin dominance is at the 61.8% fibonacci level.
– Second reason is that altcoins are probably in the depression phase, that would mean we are at or close to the bottom for altcoins and a rally will follow shortly after.
– The third reason is that altcoin market cap looks ready to break out of a descending wedge which it has been forming for over 2 months.
– The 4th reason is that historically a Bitcoin rally is followed by a period of sideways movement for Bitcoin and after a few months of sideways movement, it’s altseason while BTC continues to move sideways. It has been like that previous cycles so it’s likely to be somewhat similar this time too.


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  1. Young And Investing
    Young And Investing says:

    I know what some people will think: "you have been talking about altseason for months now" and yes that's true. But when I start talking about it, doesn't mean I think it will be imminent. It means that I think it will happen and sometimes it's really hard to predict when. Now is the time I think that this breakout and "altseason" is imminent. There are many things falling into place for it to happen. Sentiment is changing as well.

  2. Michele Hunter
    Michele Hunter says:

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