Bitcoin Preparing For The Next Rally | The Long-Term Chart Is Repeating History

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41 replies
  1. Wayne
    Wayne says:

    Anticipation of the 20/40 week MA cross was the MAIN reason I started adding to my HODL position months ago between $3.2K and $5.2K. Is the MA cross a good signal? Bitcoin has more than doubled since then so I would have to say YES! Also, as you pointed out, the 21 MA was a long held support level during the last Bull run. Once these averages cross Bullish they did not uncross until the next Bear market. I anticipate the same to be true this Bull Run.

  2. Brendan DeGal
    Brendan DeGal says:

    Nick it has been a while since you talked about Cardano. I know the project is moving slowly, but I would love to know your thoughts on it as it stands. Sometimes I wonder if they are biting off more than they can chew, or taking to long to perfect the platform. At the same time I still love the idea, and it's hard to bet against Charles Hoskinson.

  3. D 1080
    D 1080 says:

    I don't know crap, but it seems to me that NOW is the time to buy alts! why? simple, everyone seems to be very bearish, too bearish! Find a few alts which you believe in and fill up your bags and wait! Remember, I don't know crap.

  4. uhlijohn
    uhlijohn says:

    Nick, the legacy futures exchanges are all crooked and rarely settle in physical. On COMEX they have no gold in their warehouses and send contract holders who stand for delivery to London in an "emergency" option of so-called "exchange for physical" or EFP which is just a way of saying that COMEX has no more gold. BAKKT will behave the same way and Wall St. will use BAKKT to manipulate Bitcoin. Wake up! Anyone who deposits their Bitcoin with BAKKT is nuts! BAKKT will immediately hypothecate those Bitcoin and sell the same Bitcoin to thousands of buyers just like the COMEX does with gold!

  5. Imre Csoka
    Imre Csoka says:

    Hi Nicholas, do you use a hardware wallet perhaps ?
    If you do, or if you think using bitcoin core wallet is not good enough for security ,what hardware wallet do you suggest?

  6. Crypto India I क्रिप्टो इंडिया
    Crypto India I क्रिप्टो इंडिया says:

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  7. Alan Tan
    Alan Tan says:

    Why come we agree it has reached 2019 top and heading for a major correction. 20k is in the past, bury it and move on. How many actually benefited in the latest rally, only the ones who bought from 3k to 10k. (3.3x)

  8. Yani Marckx
    Yani Marckx says:

    I do believe that an altseason will come. For example: sending bitcoin costs bitcoin. That makes no sense at all. If I give someone 20 euro that transaction doesn't cost money. That makes nano, for example, better because with nano, it is free to send crypto from one wallet to another. Bitcoin has limited characterics that altcoins solve. An altcoin boom will come as more people do an effort to understand the utility of them. And time will do that.

  9. Paul G
    Paul G says:

    If interested in a well performing Gold mining fund, I would read the BGEIX prospectus from American Century Investments. Up 42% this year so far and very low expense ratio at .067%.
    Thank me later. Cheers!

  10. VentionMGTOW
    VentionMGTOW says:

    I'm an old sound money guy. What attracted me to bitcoin in the first place is it's resistance to government abuse such as money printing and seizure (theft). I looked at a lot of these alts with insiders holding such insane amounts of the premine and rejected them. When the insiders can dump their premine anytime they want the token is too centralized and too vulnerable. We did try to warn the xrp people but they wouldn't listen. Now they're paying the price. Most alts are just blatant attempts to scam people out of their money. I knew, eventually, people would lose confidence in these insanely pre-mined alts and return to Bitcoin. With alt after alt being created out of thin air, along with a huge premine for insiders the alt coin sector has become worse than a 3rd world money printing central bank. Eventually it had to happen that people would lose confidence in the value of these tokens due to the insane amount of inflation in the sector. With Bitcoin there is a limited supply. Sure they fork Bitcoin all the time but those forks aren't bitcoin, they're just another alt. The only real store of value is Bitcoin. We know ahead of time how many bitcoins there will be in the future where as we have no idea how many alt coins there will be. There is only one bitcoin. The market should have figured that out a long time ago.

  11. Romeo Ionescu
    Romeo Ionescu says:

    Objective as requested 🙂 btc will continue to be the first mover. Around 18 k possibly a correction. A bit of money going in major 3 4 alts. Further to 20 k what i see possible is eth etf, eth on bakkt etc. Big potential for eth community from an investment pov plus possibly the promised tech of course. Further to btc eth maybe cardano ripple and 2 more might get big volume and investments. I assume most of the remaining alts will start dissapearing step by step

  12. Greg Howe
    Greg Howe says:

    Bitcoin is working well at the moment and will continue to gain dominance. If demand outpaces block capacity we will see money flow into alts from people looking for cheaper routes to move money.

  13. Ryan Nurmi
    Ryan Nurmi says:

    Great video reminding ppl of bigger picture it’s what I’ve been watching and will from here on out weekly and even monthly. We just had 2 red months in a row. When BTC did that last bull run it then had 4 green months in a row. before another healthy correction. Keep the great content up Nick.


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