Litecoin RETRACES to $60's – LTC Price Looks Healthy?

Support the stream: Litecoin looks healthy, yes, healthy as it retraces to key area for continued LTC price uptrend.

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Crypto Capital Venture is big on tracking bitcoin and litecoin market in particular. The general premise of technical analysis videos on Crypto Capital Venture is that although Bitcoin price and Litecoin price move very in a very volatile way, there is much opportunity in being prepared for upside and downside. We also cover Bitcoin news on this channel as it comes out.

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36 replies
  1. Jeremy Ng
    Jeremy Ng says:

    Basis on my charting the chance is 50/50 healthy.
    We should remembered that LTC previously ever touch the range of $35 bucks which also mean that there is a chance the price of $60 getting a halving for a short period of time. Maybe not totally 100% of halving to $35 bucks, perhaps very close to which is about 0.00359078 BTC range.

  2. Coleman Bush
    Coleman Bush says:

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  3. Allen Burgess
    Allen Burgess says:

    It is building right now…could build for years because last time from the 2013 boom took 4 years till the 2017. Will probably upwards of 30 or 40 times the value when it peaks. I'm willing to bet $2400 ltc is not far fetched. Be mindful of the past though. Peak won't last long and it will deflate again under $1000 ltc. Stack em up if you have the money.

  4. Anarchist62
    Anarchist62 says:

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  5. Kelvin Payton
    Kelvin Payton says:

    I just started investing in cryptocurrency I’m starting with $10 and got 0.00103 shares. However I do plan to buy a full litecoin soon. I’m glad my investment company allows this to happen been waiting to get in. Nice video Bty

  6. Erik
    Erik says:

    You predict this a couple of weeks ago and every time you are right! I don’t know how you do it but I sold my BTC at 10300 and gonna wait if it will hit the 7000 area. And then I buy again. When I was following more of your warnings, it would have save me a lot of money.

  7. s trav
    s trav says:

    If ltc hits 2 dollars this guy will still be asking if it looks healthy. No folks this is not healthy. True it could pump at any time but it’s not healthy at all it’s called a big dump

  8. Richard Perry
    Richard Perry says:

    Major TLDR incoming:

    "Healthy'' isnt the right word. And neither is 'bullish'. When these coins habitually do this then its not surprising. And it doesnt mean anything 'long term'. These moves are what everyone wants. At least people who MOVE coins. Holding or 'hodling' in these times never ever makes sense. We saw 18 month highs in June. Why people werent ejecting is beyond me. You even recap how you were fairly confident the price was going to pull back 50%. So 18 month highs and the halving and all the data. Why in the world would you hold onto any coins? The 'mistakes' were made (and only because the same mindset was suggested) when the call to buy buy buy when they got to sub 100 and the whole 'this is the last time we see LTC under 100'. Then in the same breath calling for 70 or 60 and in a couple videos. BEFORE the halving buying at 80s was OK because the likelihood of it going above that was high. It got to the mid 70s on a flash drop that was a major buy spot IN THAT SITUATION.

    So halving saw the 100+ prices on halving day. Those were major sell spots for all those LTC accumulated during the lead up. Especially since those high were mostly very quick and a pretty fast pullback happened (thus inferring 'panic'/rushed buying and then sense come back and prices settled in the mid 90s) But I wrote it then even if you missed those 100+ prices if they didnt get above 100 again (a double move) within 48 hours, then selling would be the best option. 94-96 was still possible.

    At one point 63-64 was an 'all in' type buy spot. But that changed pretty quickly. 63-64 (current) is now a mid major buy spot. I bought quite a few a bit ago. I will also be looking to eject out of a decent amount of them on any sort of decent price increase. If you had sold 50% (minimum) of those pre halving accumulated coins youre sitting pretty. Even if you buy at 65 and they do dip below that for awhile then you can sort of afford to hold them then. I said 40s were possible. Thats still not an 'all in' spot because once we dip that far down then its hard to say what will happen.

    If your overall mindset is 'the bottom hasnt been reached yet' youre going to have to be careful. But you also have to recognize decent spots to get in at, but always be ready to get out of them when they look to drop. The next couple days will tell the tale. If they stay in this mid to slightly under mid 60s for the next 2-3 days then another dip is possible. If they bounce back some then a rise is possible. Nothing major and nothing 'long term' but some sort of 'life' getting breathed back into them.

    I LOVE days like this because I never sit on these things too long. So even if I made a 'mistake' when I bought for 63.78 and 64.28 I am not still sitting on dozens of coins I paid 75-85 bucks (which at the time were 'good' prices also) for pre halving. I am also able to eject out at a fairly modest price (I am looking at 67-68 which is where it was yesterday, started in the low 70s actually) to get out of the majority of the ones I just bought. Might be they shoot past that so fast to the original pre dip prices of 71-72 I do even better. All depends on scenario. If they 'grind' their way there then sell. If its flash increase then you can 'gamble'.

    As far as 'patterns' go they have flipped the switch slightly today. Unless they come back very strong at some point over the next 20 hours. Because generally after a fairly major dip the prices actually went up the next day overall. But time on the charts is a little difficult some times so the lapse might be coming into effect right now. But if the same scenario is seen then a 7-10% uptick off that low of ~64.50 should be in store some time today. So that means a 69-72 dollar price. Slightly above my 'target' sell price but one I think is possible to see.

    KNOWING is really not even half the battle but if you can recognize those things, which this channel is better at than most then it allows you to DO the 'right' things with that info when it happens. Thats something that seems to never get done here. Its always "we saw this coming so dont freak out; but keep buying/accumulating (over priced) because this is extremely 'healthy' and 'bullish'". Anyone can predict theyre going to go back up. Knowing the when and how much is the 'secret'. And SELLING some when they do (especially if you foresee another pullback) should be the ultimate goal. Because I have asked it before WHAT price are people willing to sell at? Even if all these 'bullish' dreams come true when are people actually going to cash in? If its some fantasy land number then good luck. And even if by some miracle that number is reached the 'lost' potential far outweighs any ONE TIME 'score' you might see.

    Getting to these prices is great but not if youre putting NEW and MORE money into it to buy coins at these prices. These coins should be getting bought with money you made from the halving. Go do some simple math and use round numbers and even mid range numbers. If you own 50 coins now and paid 80 ave for them. Youre not in 'horrible' shape but its bad enough. But take 25 of those at put a price tag of 95 on them. Where you 'should' have sold on halving day or even after halving day. $100 was easy to get but for 'science' we use modest numbers. But you now have 25 coins and 2375 in 'profits. 2375/65 is 36.5 coins. But use round numbers so 35@ 65. You now have 60 coins for the same money invested. ( $100 less actually). Doesnt take long to realize holding coins is just stupid. Even if you sell 'for a loss'. Same scenario. 50 at 80 you DIDNT sell but held We saw the caution of 25% drop video so err on caution side. So you sold at $75 (5 dollar loss per coin) So same 50% so 25 coins and sell 25@ 75. Thats 1875; 1875/65 is 28.8. But you buy back simply the 25 you sold. You now have your original 50 and $250. So selling at a 'loss' still nets you 250 'savings'.

    You can put all the fancy terms on these moves you want but as long as you can reasonably see prices lower than what you paid then you should be looking to sell. Dont compound mistakes with more mistakes. Thats why people get wiped out in traditional markets. With cryptos its only magnified. I guess if you never ever sell or need it or want it back then its all a wash. Your money is still there it is just lost in the ether somewhere. But if the goal is to actually profit then you dont need fantasy prices to do that. Cryptos are made for ultra short term (in the real world) moves. thats why they are currencies anymore and are simply commodities and why its all about trading and not about really increasing the overall 'value' of them. Thats just a by product of the manipulation seen to allow those who know better to maximize their profits when they sell. Thats why I say there is no 'bull' or bear' market its just whatever cycle theyre on and how low or high theyre going to be allowed to get before the next cycle begins.

  9. William Lee
    William Lee says:

    No offense but i’m not sure if you’re delusional every time lite coin drops oh “it’s healthy” so wait a minute what if litecoin drops to 25 dollars is it healthy then? Is it still bullish? Is there a point where you will admit bearish?


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