Bitcoin Price Hits $12,000 Early December Closing in on $15k 2018

As Bitcoin price hits $12,000 the excitement continues to grow. Is it possible to hit $15k before the end of 2017?


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  1. Marc Hlavac
    Marc Hlavac says:

    Looked into qash all morning….these guys are going to be absolutely MASSIVE. All star team. Now is the time Jeff. Please make your next analysis on Quoine and Qash. Thanks!!

  2. 85jmurk
    85jmurk says:

    I think one of the reasons why Ripple is flat because when they have great news, their PR team hasn't done a great job getting Ripple out to the mainstream press like IOTA'S PR team
    has. Just think if that American express announcement would've made it to a article on CNBC or Bloomberg like IOTA did, getting press always helps.

  3. Jim Bragg
    Jim Bragg says:

    At 2:42 you mention you don't know why the IOTA was being transitioned into BTC. My bad, I had to go to dinner w my wife. IOTA was up 300% for me and in yesterdays post you said you thought IOTA would pull back to $1.50. So I bailed out thinking I might miss a pull back if IOTA hit $4.00, while i was eating fried shrimp. Oops. I got my profit all moved to BTC, which is not the worst thing, but clearly IOTA has other ideas than a retreat. Now I want IOTA to have a nice consolidation to $2-$2.50. I guess others like me cashed their chips on IOTA.

  4. Dylan
    Dylan says:

    Jeff i was showing my mother this video and she told me to tell you you have a "beautiful voice".. getting a compliment out of my mother is like pulling teeth so.. you're welcome.

  5. Sayedmustafa21
    Sayedmustafa21 says:

    Hey Altcoin Buzz,

    I️ wanted to let you know I️ genuinely appreciate your videos and have and will continue to benefit from them.

    I️ really liked this video, enhancing researching ability within Cryptos is very beneficial.



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