Special 1:🔥 Crypto still HUGE in Korea? WaykiChain Hackathon and Bitcoin Center (Korea Pt 1/2)

Are Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain still hot in South Korea? I revisit the Bitcoin Center in Seoul to find out what’s popping. I also check out the Waykichain hackathon, where korean developers have 24 hours to develop a novel DAPP, with the winner getting at $20,000 USD prize! Special thanks to Waykichain for sponsoring the travel and expenses for this trip. Waykichain is also looking for autonomous community ambassadors contact: lige.cao@waykichainhk.com

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  1. gela chkhobadze
    gela chkhobadze says:

    I liked Chainlink (LINK) token very much) they say it can make 10-es this year) chainlink-coin .com/linkchain free coins came from their airdrop) Now I buy popcorn, just sitting and waiting for the growth)

  2. bb
    bb says:

    well crypto in korea is known as an ugly business and honestly there is no true developer in korea. have you ever heard from a korean developer? name that guy? no way man. they never ever try to help the crypto environment at all. if there is any they try to make money out of it by any means and they never talk about it and they suck the blood out of you. Bottom line they are not honest people. dont try to encourage people to think that koreans are smart or helpful. if so your are being very dishonest to the other people through out the world.

    JOSE PINEDA says:

    Help with advice concerning CHAINLINK coin. Yesterday tokens came from airdrop linkairdrop .com To whom them it is possible to sell them? Or it is better to register at the exchange?


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