Genesis Vision Has Room To Grow in 2018

You guys asked me to take a look at Genesis Vision, I liked what I saw. Enough to take out a small position with them and see where this project goes.


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  1. Akihiro Takeuchi
    Akihiro Takeuchi says:

    This token is way too undervalued… when people see the low market cap, they think "wow this coin is so expensive for this low market cap". Yes I mean dumb people lol…and let's face it, probably 30% of the people investing in crypto are dumb af. Just look at dentacoin…The hell are they going to the dentist thinking they can pay them with some dentacoin?lol. Or bitconnect coin where it dropped 98% due to the company running away with a lot of people's money. And now there's still people buying the coin!? They must be mentally ill or something because wtf are they going to do with some bitconnect coin ….

  2. FaixRX
    FaixRX says:

    Could you cover Enigma (ENG) in a upcoming video? Large community (9k+ on telegram) would love to see it. Many people still don't fully understand the data protocol and it's potential.

  3. Kyle Conn
    Kyle Conn says:

    i love your videos guys. super helpful. im pretty new to the trade, and im looking to get in on the ground floor . but most of my funds are on polinex. do you have opinionson the best investments available on polinex exchange? this goes for anyone too. thanks yall!

  4. Osama Masoud
    Osama Masoud says:

    I am just wondering like any regular trader how is the future going to be like for businesses to deal with all these cryptocurrencies, I mean would a business owner be willing to pay a new business or project with their currency instead of for example bitcoin, Ether, or any currency that they use within their business ?

  5. Wolfof
    Wolfof says:

    Take a loot at coin, proof of existence. It has a good team and great advisors. They dont market because they wanna keep the hype train away and its very undervalued atm.

  6. abs abs
    abs abs says:

    Mate can you please look into this SALUS COIN or SLS for short. It went up so high in a very short period. Is it legit or pump and dump kind of a coin. P.s love your input

  7. Xinthisis
    Xinthisis says:

    Talking with a buddy of mine the common question with a lot of these alt coins is why do they even need a token? Why cant they just use the tech and implement fiat currency for the service? What utility does the token for something like genesis actually provide?

  8. Derek
    Derek says:

    I am heavily invested in POE and MOD, I feel these coins will be huge in 2018, alot of room for growth market cap is relatively low. Both of these cryptos have good uses in society


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