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Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor and this is not financial advice. Everything expressed is my personal opinion only!

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  1. Roni Gemron
    Roni Gemron says:

    Hey Suppo, good to have you back.. we need positive sentiment in the crypto space so please make more videos just to keep the hope for the believers.. forget about all those youtuber 'influencer' maximalist pedestrians.. they only it for themselves.. you're the man behind the real development of the altcoin space so keep us informed and together lets build some positive momentum.. alt season is coming soon!!

  2. Gareth Peters
    Gareth Peters says:

    Its about diversification and careful project selection – It is basic principles of risk-based portfolio allocation – invest in BTC, invest in alts and invest in staking funds as well as margin lending funds!

  3. Jürgen Wilhelm
    Jürgen Wilhelm says:

    Alts are better than BTC but nobody cares – Tron is growing like crazy but nobody cares – XRP is decentralised and taking over the world but nobody cares – and so on and so on – Vet – Link – Omise – and many more – not all will survive but some going as big as they deserve

  4. John Farnham
    John Farnham says:

    Please stop leading people astray encouraging them to gamble on "alts". Havent you made enough money off the backs of poor folks yet? I followed you into 10 icos and lost .54 bitcoin; thankfully I was able to regain it but many others not so fortunate. Bitcoin is the innovation, while everything else is essentially separating fools from their money. Fooled me once, not again. You should be encouraging people to stack Satoshis or buy mbtcs, not throw money at worthless "alternatives"


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