What Cryptocurrency did well after SALE DAY? What else am I buying?

What Cryptocurrency did well after SALE DAY? What else am I buying?Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bela Coin. Watch how I do it with Siacoin. Learn how to fund your retirement with my Cryptocurrency Course for $10: https://www.udemy.com/cryptocurrency/?couponCode=CRYP10

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  1. Lester Lim
    Lester Lim says:

    What do you think of Antshares (ANS)? It's been doing really well the past few days hitting one high after another. Felt a little stupid not to ride on it but am not good with charts and analysis to know when to go in.

    What's your take on the entry point? Thanks!

  2. exc17ed
    exc17ed says:

    I`ve been following your videos for a while and can`t miss how good are you at speaking/articulating. You remind me of Jordan Belfort, the real wolf of wallstreet.

  3. Glen Fish Bachelor
    Glen Fish Bachelor says:

    Coinbase had to close it doors briefly so it could stop people buying in at the right time, which is bad for its business. They probably needed to buy some cheap ETH before the doors opened. Rehypothecation is rampant with these exchanges. It would NOT surprise me to learn that they are deliberately manipulating prices in concert with other exchanges and a few whales to shake out the weak hands and get some stock at bargain basement prices.


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