What BARGAIN COINS can you get on Cryptocurrency SALE DAY?

What are the HOT coins on Cryptocurrency SALE DAY? Syscoin, Siacoin, NXT, Ardor, IOTA. Watch how I do it with Siacoin. Learn how to fund your retirement with my Cryptocurrency Course for $10: https://www.udemy.com/cryptocurrency/?couponCode=CRYP10 Would you subscribe to my Cryptocurrency podcast: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/hero/id1233635268?mt=2​​​

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  1. Digest Yourself
    Digest Yourself says:

    Thank you so much for the discount.. Keep it 10$ and you'll make so much more money. I felt compelled to send you 10$ when I saw that discount. Maybe change it to 'was 200, now 10'. You could even get 20 a pop no problem. Remember not everyone interested in this market can spare 20$ but you can help them be able to.

  2. Wade
    Wade says:

    I withdrew my Sia coin from Polo 1 week ago and the coins disappeared. Happened to a lot of people and now Polo won't answer their support tickets. 1 week later still no coins and no response from Polo. Have seen a lot of people complaining about it. Don't use Polo unless you want your coins stolen and no one will help you. #fuckpolo #dumbcunts

  3. Maccarone
    Maccarone says:

    Suppo, great Podcast, I am new to investments, yet I find your videos very informative and useful. I also bought your course on Udemy!
    Could you please explain how to use the Stop Loss function on Poloniex? Are you using this method alot?

    What bothers me is, as you said, look far into the future, but that creates a dissonance between speculative perspective which is from now to now+2 hours. So from one point, I'd like to let the market work it's time, yet, how do I make sure I don't miss the right spike?


  4. Meat Healed Me
    Meat Healed Me says:

    brilliant, well done. gutted today that I had no funds whatsoever to buy a load of coins, gutted. just wandering if you could do a video on how best to keep your currencies. I have about 13 different coins and want to keep them safe. any ideas? thanks matey. all the best.

  5. How Todo
    How Todo says:

    Hey man, i placed one question while i was watching a course that i bought, and that i can trully say i recommend this to anybody. Honestly it is really valuable knowledge !!! My question is how to get in contact with you ? Let's make this cours into different language, I'm from Poland and trust me the course that are there are nothing like, Regards Tomek


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