Post Bitcoin NO2X Analysis and Future Market Thoughts

SegWit2X is cancelled (for now) and the markets have reacted! The altcoins are pumping hard, with many up over 20-30% including NEO, IOTA, LISK, VTC and ARK. Here’s my thoughts on what happened with the cancelled SegWit2X fork and how the market might move in the near future.

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  1. Fritson
    Fritson says:

    Please do a show on Excel Crypto Portfolio tracking spread sheet. A very important and necessary tool for everyone to track their many coins profit/ loss . Thank you

  2. Dirk Jackson
    Dirk Jackson says:

    There is a lot of brand new guys that bought on coin base and there transaction is still on hold. They thought they would get in on the split. I bet a lot of them will jump into alt coins just as soon as there accounts alows them to trade. Jist a theory.

  3. Janus De Bruyn
    Janus De Bruyn says:

    Can you explain why on bittrex on rubycoin…they are buying 10. 7. 6. 9. 10. 9. At a time and the price stays the that a bot or somebody trying to sneak in silently..

  4. Henrik Wallin
    Henrik Wallin says:

    IOTA has really started a bull market. We're waiting for it enter more exchanges, and more news about appliances and electric cars charging etc that will use it.

    IOTA has the possibility to be the currency for EVERYTHING. If you have a road, deliver electricity, use micropayments on the web or basically anything, IOTA is the best solution. Not even Dash and EOS in the future can have a scaling even close to IOTA, and why build a Tangle-sort of thing on top of Bitcoin and Ethereum, when you can use IOTA directly?

    I bought my first IOTA yesterday, so I was just in time 😛 Now I'm just waiting for that the raise of IOTA will create more interest and even higher price, and then it will just explode.


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