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  1. Dingle Stingle
    Dingle Stingle says:

    You are not predicting them you are pumping them then sell out when you get the price goes up. Day traded stocks for many years and we did the same thing but still semi like your vids. Not sure if my stress levels can handle day trading again but subscribed just in case.

  2. El Mensajero
    El Mensajero says:

    good videos!… im farely new to the trading world and i have a question, maybe you can help. if i bought some coins at a low price (ether,btc, digibite, litecoins, ether classic), but they went even lower… what would be the best thing to do?… wait untill they come back up?… sell them for less and bet for currencies that are on the rise??…………thank you in advance!

  3. smittyo0
    smittyo0 says:

    Check out filecoin if you don't know about it. It looks like an awesome project to me. Good call on civic. Identity will be a killer app. Hopefully civic can pull it off but that remains to he seen.

  4. iWander Vlogs
    iWander Vlogs says:

    Over 25m+ tokens was pre sold and only few were sold to the public. I was one of the first in line and I was surprised when I saw the progress bar already 3/4 full. Where did the 25m-27m tokens go? Was it pre sold to private investors before the public crowd sale? I thought 33m tokens are supposed to be shared by the public?
    My experience with the crowd sale, Yesterday I was in line very early, then the ether issues happened, then waited for few more hours, then by the time it was my turn, the option for buying with eth is not available so I went through with btc. Then in the process, no btc qr code showing up in my screen. I attempted few more times and over and over again, no qr code showing up until my queue id expired. Now I'm back in the line with 8000+ people ahead of me. Tried the support option, emailed them multiple times even sent them my queue id and other details and never had a single reply from them. Their support was a huge bogus! Until now I'm still waiting and want some explanation from them. NADA… So I'm back in line then they announced that they will continue the crowd sale the next day, June 22, 1200 UTC, then it was changed to 1230 and so on, which I understand because of maybe of the tech issues bla bla whatsoever so its all cool. Then still waiting in line when they announced that the crowd sale is done. Hmmm not a very good experience for me. I emailed the support again knowing that they probably won't reply to me anyway but I was just so pissed that I wasted my time to this. Pre selling tokens before crowd sale, crappy service, bogus support, I think it was a blessing in disguise for me. I am now thankful I was not able to put my hard earned money into this crap. For those who were able to purchase tokens, I wish you guys luck, and hope the turnout is profitable for you.

  5. John Bird
    John Bird says:

    Suppoman …. please don't react to the negativity that WILL come your way – because you have a high profile. The number of subscribers you have and have done yourse course says it all. Don't bother with them. Not worth it. Thanks for helping me get organised as a crypto trader. You've saved me loads of time and helped me to understand the mistakes I've made – which I wouldn't know had it not been for your course. Cheers!

  6. Jedimarketer
    Jedimarketer says:

    your funny, subscribed. good content brotha on the cryptos. I just started trading..Heres a tip based on what I have learned from coins so far. Your anticipation is right. I an studying the flat leveling of the coins for a long time then predicting the spike upwards based on the ico of the coin and news. Its such an interesting market cryptos. anyone can do this.

    Bought your udemy

  7. darlington chikezie
    darlington chikezie says:

    Hi Suppoman I have bought your course in fact your course is the only online Training Course i have paid for online in a while and i do alot of online learning, but when i came across your youtube videos i was impressed You are doing great keep it up Bro.
    Dont mind anybody talking about you, that will only make you popular, they are just jealous thats all.
    I am solidly with you man.

  8. Michael Keith
    Michael Keith says:

    I am enjoying your course, but am curious about one thing. In this video, you say you are not a fan of Digibyte, but in one of the course videos, you say you have a special affinity for Digibyte?

  9. Lenard Myers
    Lenard Myers says:

    I am one of your students at udemy and have just put a request to join your facebook group. I look forward to your continued advice. Thanks for the info. Your course is very good


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