How Cryptocurrency created MILLIONAIRES (XBC, PIVX, Ripple & Dash) + My Top 4 Investment strategies!

How Cryptocurrency created millionaires (XBC, PIVX, Ripple & Dash) + My Top 4 Investment strategies! See how people became millionaires investing in XBC, PIVX, Ripple, Waves & Dash + see my top 4 strategies for investing in a cryptocurrency!

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  1. 3M views
    3M views says:

    bought 35000 XRP in March for €200, could've sold it for €13,000 last week but got greedy and only took €1000 profit early on. HOLD your coins guys, be in it for the long term

  2. Freeloving MGTOW
    Freeloving MGTOW says:

    Read the Stratis whitepaper and look at the CEO description of past projects he has been involved in. BlitzCash will be the first crytpo launched as a sidechain on the Stratis platform. Stratis doens put worthless crap on their platform. They are geared toward professional business. Now look at BlitzCash marketcap rating. You want that 1,000% gain, there you go.


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