Ethereum's Make or Break Day? SEC & CFTC Meeting Could have Major Crypto Market Impact

The SEC and CFTC are meeting on May 7th to discuss whether or not ether (Ethereum) is a security, due to it’s 2014 pre-sale ICO that raised $18 million. If deemed a security, it would likely be catostrophic for the price of ETH, as well as many other ERC-20 tokens, and even potentially Bitcoin and other Proof of Work coins.

Cointelegraph article on Ether being a security

CoinCenter article “No, no ether is not a security”

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  1. Sascha Srdoch
    Sascha Srdoch says:

    There is no proof there is a SEC meeting today. Having done thorough research (The SEC secretary denied it and even double checked) and not being able to find any mention of a meeting regarding SEC & ETH, we can conclude this could have been fake news for or from the crypto media to generate views and create some FUD. Wall Street journal was most likely paid by Wall Street to create a fud dump.

    Here are relevant sites:

    Seems like it was just a routine discussion (in private/ behind closed doors) on the possibility of regulating all crypto in general. No official hearing. No official announcements are being made today!

  2. Jo L
    Jo L says:

    So let's say they say it's a security. What does that actually mean? What would that actually do? How does that really change anything? Fill me in here folks!

  3. Patrick Booth
    Patrick Booth says:

    The presale was a crowdfund for metadata, this is not a physical asset that exists within the realm of reality. Ethereum and Bitcoin are not Cryptoassets they are Cryptocurrencies. ICO are Cryptoassets.

  4. Jim Scheltema
    Jim Scheltema says:

    Why is the SEC holding CLOSED MEETINGS regarding the status of Ethereum, which is a utility token and clearly not a security token and which came out in 2014 as an ICO? It is the basis of most of the blockchain companies in the world. If the SEC and government in stifles advances into this new technology (blockchain) we will be eclipsed by the rest of the world. China, Korea – even small countries like Malta are promoting this technology, NOT hindering it. Hi Tech should be nurtured or the geniuses and jobs will go to countries that appreciate more even though it was started in the USA.

  5. Rick Knowles
    Rick Knowles says:

    I think there may be two possibilities , they want confusion with not actually say anything so it slow the march of progress. so the big banks can catch up. Well ok we new the establishment doesn't like change or losing control, so this would probably work. The other option would be an all out attack on Cryptos. They would be foolish not to understand the massive potential and the win win scenario that Crytos represent.

  6. Shaka Zulu
    Shaka Zulu says:

    Thanks for the info. Problem, reaction, solution by the minions who serve big money Babylon, IMO. They use various tactics to hit the gas and apply the brakes but in the long-term, crypto (not all, but at least several) must win over fiat so they have a "new" system to utilize when the masses feel the pain of the complete meltdown of the banksters' fiat.

  7. Jonathan Lynch
    Jonathan Lynch says:

    If the sec regulates ether as a security, every young smart tech innovator in the U.S. will leave. That's a guarantee. This would be great for globalists because they want to kill American innovation so we can become the whore of the world. The good news is the CFTC has already waved the white flag… TRUMP.

  8. Simon Edge
    Simon Edge says:

    I reckon Ethereum will have to pay a token penalty for its ICO and then all will be "Golden". Maybe a Million bucks which Vitalik can pay from the Petty Cash fund.

  9. Chaka421
    Chaka421 says:

    2 universal truths: 1.Democratic governments will always choose the worst possible short term solution to any issue. 2.The law of inertia drives human society along. So systems that are up and running are not going anywhere despite interference from centralized institutions.

  10. Ralph Raymond
    Ralph Raymond says:

    Hi Bobby- having lived in the US for nearly 10 years, I really cannot fathom the thought of a forward thinking country full of cutting edge tech like the US, shooting itself in the foot. Will be watching the outcome from the UK with a fine-tooth comb. Thanks for the excellent video.

  11. Patiuko Lou
    Patiuko Lou says:

    Multiple positive and unintended legal consequences, declaring that Ethereum ICO token sell, which was in BTC… is to declare BTC legal TENDER folks…. think about it… First thing first… as far the law is concerned… was BTC ever LEGAL tender???. Wouldn't it? Then… what the implication? Can I go to walmart and force them to accept BTC?

    We're dealing with multiple issues here folks…

  12. Jamaal Gill
    Jamaal Gill says:

    I have a feeling positive news for the crypto world will come from this CFTC/SEC meeting. And when it does a digital inheritance cryptocurrencies such as Digipulse (DGPT) will become huge. I'm a new investor after their airdrop last week and they also had a huge token burn so it got a small pump from that. Beta already released, low market cap, and low token supply with the finalized platform releasing in July. Would love to see you do a video on DGPT!

  13. Nathan E
    Nathan E says:

    Really don't see what all the hype is about.
    Even if the SEC rules that Ethereum is a security.

    The Ethereum foundation and the big players that have invested in it will work it out.

    Fundamentally it does not change Ethereum or the technology and value it brings to the market place…

    So please stop the FUD and put on your big boy underwear!:-l


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