Buy Ethlend – SALT 2.0? – Decentralized Lending

Today we have a look at Ethlend which focuses on decentralized lending across the blockchain. Some are calling it the SALT 2.0. Here’s our take on Ethlend plus some updates on Altcoin Buzz and what we are working on.

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28 replies
  1. Nate Legakis
    Nate Legakis says:

    LEND is down quite a bit over the last 24 hours and I think it's a good time to load up. I really like what ethlend is all about. Getting in at .15 and hoping for the best.

  2. C.D. B.
    C.D. B. says:

    Ok this is getting stupid. All you sheep jump on whatever these guys talk about. LEND was flat until this video shows up. No wonder so many people have let us into their world of "expertise". Just to sell to you sheep.

  3. JXR
    JXR says:

    there are so many coins that have potential in the future. problem is, the btc craze attracted way too many short traders trying to make a quick profit, along with worthless shell companies shitting out new "coins"/"tokens" every other week, so prices are all screwed at the moment. I can see functional alt coins become VERY big after blockchain technology becomes the norm, but thats not for several years, at least five. I don't anticipate any of these new hot altcoins (you know which ones I'm talking about) lasting more than a year or two on market before their companies shut down via exit scam or bankruptcy, with the exception of a very select few. don't expect to make a quick million off of them anytime soon unless you're already holding a ridiculous amount.

  4. Martyn Smith
    Martyn Smith says:

    Salt has utility. A clear simple plan and is first to market which we know makes a big difference. Ethlend got a long way to go. Buy salt especially for short to medium term and then flow some gains into Ethlend if it starts filling in its blanks. Check the David Hay video. He explains it very well.


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