Bitcoin to $10,000 in 6-10 months ?

Is Bitcoin headed to $10,000? Mike Novogratz thinks so and his reasons for it are pretty interesting. Let’s take a step back from the daily markets to think about where Bitcoin is headed long-term and what the potential growth of the space still is.

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  1. Soua Thao
    Soua Thao says:

    Those that missed the boat when Bitcoin and Ethereum were dirt cheap and hope that you can travel back in time but there's no such as we all know. But here's what you can do invest into Neblio (NEBL) because it's the next big thing. Here's why
    1. It's a plateform like Ethereum etc.
    2. It's cap at 13 millions.
    3. It can support 8 different languages – the only plateform that can support that many languages so far.

  2. Butler Terry joe
    Butler Terry joe says:

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  3. Kristoff Morgan
    Kristoff Morgan says:

    Stop thinking about crytocurrency as the singular Bitcoin which has already hardfork into three variants. See the the cryptocurrency as an aggregate that can be optimized on output granularity to create a far better ROI. Why fish in the ocean with a fishing rod with a specialized setup and bait selection when you can fish with a net trawling behind a boat catching everything in the region and then selecting from the catch the fish that are desirable to the market. Understand granular output dynamics now and its optimization effect on ROI maximization

  4. David James
    David James says:

    Man I cant help but think it would be odd if we didn't replace BTC as the store of wealth sooner than later. Its technically un impressive compered to its peers- no privacy features, no staking and the community is split. Shouldn't we choose a coin with privacy that we can stake rather than letting large mining groups profit rather than token owners? BTC only has name recognition going for it and that cant last forever…can it?

  5. chrisiden
    chrisiden says:

    tone vays said this morning btc to 7000 after hard fork and then may test support all the way down to 1300 depending on what happens in the world… cliff high made a similar prediction to 6888 when the hard fork happens… it could be good to sell alittle and take profits or u can just HODL and wait for a correction… it was said that theres lots of support in low 4000's… so maybe thats as low as btc will go.. then again lots of new money coming in and those big whales want to buy btc at a firesale…
    'so we wait and watch together and follow in the steps of giants' ……. c

  6. Crypto Footsteps
    Crypto Footsteps says:

    Great Channel Bobby. Just started this journey and i find my self not being able to buy BTC so the solution is to buy cheap cryptocurrencies. Can you make a video on the best 5 coins to buy under $1 before 2018. And maybe also what are your top 5 cryptos. There is a lot of new people coming to cryptocurrencies and your channel is growing rapidly and these type of analysis can help noobies.
    Thanks for you great videos already subscribed and liked all your videos 😉


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