Bitcoin Dominates Crypto Markets, Shrugs Off Latest Dip

Bitcoin is the “honey badger of money”, and it once again proved it’s resiliency after a big sell off due to the Bitcoin Cash rally. After dropping to $5,600, Bitcoin is back about $7,000 for the time being, while the majority of the crypto market is down.

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  1. quality333
    quality333 says:

    overstock been dormant since its 2002 inception and all of a sudden makes a giant move? It shot off its long overdue load but i can guarantee it wont go any further

  2. CryptoSoldier
    CryptoSoldier says:

    I took profits from BTC last week, now I have all this FIAT and nothing to do with it. Gotta wait for the dip, but not being in the game is boring ah hell……is there anything good coins to get into right now?

  3. Kwanda Zulu-Jones
    Kwanda Zulu-Jones says:

    Hi Bobby, Thank you so much for your informative and transparent videos, I have been learning a lot. I'm an absolute newbie in this whole cryptocurrency world, quick question please: I recently downloaded the Bitpay Wallet app onto my phone and purchased a certain amount of BTCs via Coinbase. I think I made a mistake of buying the BTCs through logging into my Coinbase account via their website instead of going straight through into Coinbase via my Bitpay app. Now my Bitpay Wallet indicates 0.00 BTC, whereas on the Coinbase account I can see the amount of BTCs I purchased successfully; this may be a question with an obvious solution, but how do I transfer the BTCs that are in my Coinbase account into my Bitpay Wallet? Thanks, looking forward to your suggestions 🙂

  4. medaho
    medaho says:

    Beside Bittrex(their requirement 100K in USD for a bank wire!!!!), on which exchange platform can we have XRP(Ripple),XDV(Verge),XLM(Stellar Lumens) and IOTA.
    Thank you.

  5. Eric Checkai
    Eric Checkai says:

    I have a noob question. I am trying to get some money into coinbase with a credit card. Currently BTC is at $7,175. When I try to buy bitcoin with a credit card i have to buy it at $7220. Is there anyway around this with a credit card? I want to buy it at its current price of around $7,175.

  6. Henrik Wallin
    Henrik Wallin says:

    I have my funds mostly in IOTA and bought just when it started to raise some days ago, so I haven't got much to complain about. IOTA is finally getting into another exchange – OKEx, and that will surely trigger both more attention and make it more likely that even more exchanges add it.

    And what will happen when IOTA passes Dash and Litecoin in current market cap? There will be panic among the blockchain and miner people… What is interesting with IOTA is however the technical devices that will start using it. If you need IOTA to charge your car, I think the market for IOTA will explode and you will be able to use it everywhere soon after.

    It will take some years for IOTA to mature though, so the currency is still mostly speculation, but as Bitcoin is only speculation… 😛

  7. Carl
    Carl says:

    Can you make a video showcasing your mobile app(s) you use to alert you of changes or view your cryptostocks? Thank you, love your videos, keep it real!

  8. Mike4VR
    Mike4VR says:

    The herd is coming. It'll be interesting to see how CME futures and wall street hedge funds affect Bitcoin's market cap. Roger Ver's manipulation might be child's play compared to wall street. I'm still very bullish on BTC.


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