Bitcoin Cash Crushes It, as Crypto Markets Settle Down

Bitcoin Cash is up a staggering 30% in the past 24 hours, while the rest of the markets have slowed down considerably since the B2X fork has been cancelled. Let’s talk about why Bitcoin Cash is crushing it right now as well as some of the issues surrounding Bitcoin Cash’s success.

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  1. BlockchainBrad
    BlockchainBrad says:

    Mate, I am trying to compile key crypto you tuber's perspectives on the BCH drama…. and so few are impartial on this….I am really appreciative of your views, It's the most impartial other than the @cryptolark, that I could find. Obviously there was more movement after your video. I really appreciate that you focus on economics as the key point to why most are in this game. Thanks again mate. Your 'whys' for the BCH growth 1)RV attack 2) CHEAPER Fees ) 3) BTC not a true currency 4) RV owns (now only focuses on BCH) 5) 8x blocksize currently for BCH 6) Companies tired of drama and want ease of use without drama. 7) Scalability of BCH is much stronger. I really like how you mentioned Jihan's respectful comment! He is trying to support BCH but respect BTC, which is great. I personally think we need get them BOTH strong and functional for the two distinct purposes they represent. Thanks again Bobby!

  2. ovylord
    ovylord says:

    The thing is Bitcoin gets thrash talked with real objective issues. Not nice. But it happens when politics rule over development. Also if you ask me in the long run Ethereum will win from this. Those guys are all into developing the network. I really believe that in 1 year max Ethereum can become the no. 1 crypto currency by market cap at the current rate of adoption and development of the network.

  3. Blix
    Blix says:

    Seems like there's rumors that the money is funnelling into Bitcoin Cash for a fork on Nov 13th, not to mention BTC has dropped below 6500 again

  4. Rich Hoff
    Rich Hoff says:

    Hi Bobby. I have a GDAX question. I want to sell my BTC for USD and then trx to my bank account. I dont have a full bitcoin. How do I determine what to put in the "limit price" if im only selling a quarter of a Bitcoin?

  5. sidfor911truth
    sidfor911truth says:

    BCH $1002 as of this post. Wow. 51% increase on the day?! Will wait for next price collapse to get some more! All this crap going on and my portfolio stays the same! Disappointing but I will not chase the bch train.

  6. myantispambox
    myantispambox says:

    I have been waiting 10 hours for a Bitcoin payment from NiceHash. It was $110 payment and the fee was $4 and the priority is still so low it's just not being processed. Pathetic. Bitcoin needs to get their act together or something is going to replace it in the #1 spot. It could very well be BCH in the near future.


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