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  1. luffy
    luffy says:

    You my Friend are informative. But not really helpful in terms of their background. No offence but not all tokens/coins will succeed and one should be wary of such investment

  2. Michael Jeynes
    Michael Jeynes says:

    Not every red day is a buy day. If you don't think this is the bottom of the market, why would you be buying? Wait till it's nearer the bottom then buy. You've been saying buy Sia, Strat, Steem, EOS etc every time there's a red day for weeks and they're down another 50+% since then. HODL your fiat until thing settle down imo and don't just piss money away on a market that's clearly on steady downwards trend. If you just shout BUY BUY BUY every time there's a red day, when you yourself have said the market will continue to go down, that's not good advice, it's hype to sell your course.

  3. Jack Choros
    Jack Choros says:

    Hey @Suppoman I am in on Polybius but they're not answering inquiries on their slack or Facebook pages. They are not listed on LiveCoin today like they said they would be and although they're listed on HitBTC, the site would not allow the coins to be traded. Any thoughts on this, are you invested?

  4. Spikexx
    Spikexx says:

    thank´s for your videos man! you got a new SUB!
    what´s a good price, you would suggest, to get in AMP? I didn´t get it from you video. Thank´s in advance sir!

  5. Aaron Werner
    Aaron Werner says:

    Can someone explain to me why to invest or pass on status. The price is
    almost at all time low ICO pricing…my crypto brain says buy but tell me why? Not
    some guess or just knee jerk reaction to the drop…If you say DONT BUY then tell me why? Nobody seems to answer this question. Does anyone have real info about status and what the price is predicted to do? I am on slack but not finding to much info on it to answer this question. Somebody chime in that knows more about this SNT then the rest of us please.

  6. Jody Melbourne
    Jody Melbourne says:

    Not gonna watch this guy anymore, he keeps pumping STEEM and LRBY and it's pretty obvious he is only interested in lining his own pockets using the old "selling shovels during a gold rush" trick. Not cool, and definitely not a superman. Also he seems to have a hissy fit when someone points out all the bad calls he has made recently. That is a serious personality flaw and a sign of insecurity and weakness. Unsubscribed.

  7. TheCryptoshack
    TheCryptoshack says:

    Everyone asking HOW to join the community= 1. buy the course. 2. On the course main page, see where it says "Recent Instructor Announcements." Click the first link under that header. 3. Follow instructions. Simple.

  8. Jose V
    Jose V says:

    Hello thanks for all this insight ! I just joined the course and learned so much ! I have to ask for advise ! what do you think about DENT ICO??

    Thank you !
    Jose V

  9. Odoohub
    Odoohub says:

    Why should i invest in a centralized regulated bank. This defeats the purpose of decentralization. Blockchain wallets empowers us to be own own bank. I dont think the polybius centralized bank is a good idea for the crypto world. I may be wrong, please correct me


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