State of Crypto – Chat with Crypto Street Podcast – Live Interview

Join me for a live interview with the guys from Crypto Street Podcast! Crypto Street was nice enough to let me live stream this chat out to my audience, so I’m not going to be able to answer questions live on the show and won’t be able to address Super Chats. But figured this would be a fun time for everyone to join show and listen to my interview!

Don’t worry, it’s still crypto happy hour in my book! Hey, it’s 5pm somewhere in the crypto world right?

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23 replies
  1. Seth Garrett
    Seth Garrett says:

    does the dude thats talking about having the LTC in limbo realize he can go back to Cryptopia and resend that confirmation Email???? same thing happened to me, i waited for days with no LTC deposited where it was supposed to be and then went back to Cryptopia and resent my email and it worked perfectly.

  2. Rj wije
    Rj wije says:

    The crypto street shit show at it again with the weather reports and fluffing each other..Crypto_Bobby is the only part of the show worth hearing at least he has some serious insights.

  3. Mark Freeman
    Mark Freeman says:

    Bitifnex has nothing to do with U.S. Why is U.S. even interfering? It is as ridiculous as Afghanistan government ordered an American company (Google?_ ) to attend their court system, they would be laughed off the continent!!! Tether is based on creation of US Dollars and loosely pegged or "tethered" to USD. The only way to shutdown Bitfinex would be to wage war on them. If the supply did not increase, then it would be impossible for tether to peg to the dollar, even loosly. They only freekin use USD as the US has flooded the world with fractional reserve bank note (IOU's) making USD the de facto global currency – until possibly bitcoin becomes de facto world currency?

  4. Firm Foundation
    Firm Foundation says:

    You guys disappoint me, running to the government for regulation as soon as somthing goes wrong but when things are going right you on the other side. WE DON'T WANT GOVERNMENT REGULATION because then only the elite get away with murder. We need the blockchain itself to regulate us, just with smarter contracts. Distributed exchanges are the way to go!

  5. stephen kost
    stephen kost says:

    Regulation needs to happen to the companies that are facilitating crypto trading. Also, any ICO should at least be heavily vetted and that vetting be published in easy to understand terms for potential investors. This is the wild west right now. People can hawk snake oil without fear of being exposed as frauds before they can defraud.

  6. Zol z
    Zol z says:

    If they have been printing tethers the us gov is gonna come after them for counterfeiting USD! Who ever is behind bitfinex i hope you enjoy spending the rest of your life hiding from the FBI and Secret Service lol


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