My Bitcoin Fork Strategy – How I Plan on Dealing with Bitcoin Gold and Segwit2x (B2X)

Bitcoin has two upcoming forks, Bitcoin Gold and Bitcoin Segwit2x (B2X). Here’s how I’m playing the Bitcoin forks from an investment strategy perspective, and the points that I think are important to understand moving forward.

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments on how your strategy has evolved considering the bitcoin forks that are coming up.

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  1. Ледоруб
    Ледоруб says:

    Not a lot of facts about the coin Ripple:
    This is the only coin that in 2018, will be able to replace Mezhdunarodnye Bank SWIFT payments between countries.
    Have already passed successful test transfers between banks of Japan and South Korea! And only on the background of this news it has risen three times, from 0.25 dollars. to 0.75 dollars.!
    And counting!!!
    This coin predicting a great future!
    Start right now to collect Satoshi this coin, yet they give a lot!
    Bitcoin, too, when it cost only 6 cents!
    PS. You only predstavte myself that ripple is going to cost so much
    how much is bitcoin now.

  2. Maverick T
    Maverick T says:

    I have a quick question. Do you know if you have fractional shares of bitcoin during the fork that you will also get fractional shares of segwit 2x? Or is just a one for one deal and you have to have one whole btc for one whole b2x? thanks.

  3. Nuno Silva
    Nuno Silva says:

    If i have my bitcoins on a hotwallet like exodus, will i receive automatically bitcoin segwit2x coins on my exodus wallet? Or do i need to have my bitcoins on an exchange (like gdax) before the fork?

  4. jonjonesnum1
    jonjonesnum1 says:

    Do you think the value of Bitcoin after the split will decrease? I'm currently in all coin such as either but I'm considering transitioning my wallet to bitcoin to take advantage of this upcoming

  5. Nunc X
    Nunc X says:

    If people sell BTC after the forks than a pullback will occur. Maybe is better sell btc now and buy it back after the forks. Maybe this way you can get more that from selling btg anf btc2x.

  6. Bobby
    Bobby says:

    still think people will dump some of their bitcoin, and def all of their forked coins over and dump right into alt market. They make even more money by doing so when the market right now for alts are very low, they will jump right back up post fork. If bitcoin will pullbak after fork, will gladly dump more into bitcoin.

  7. Alexander Coles
    Alexander Coles says:

    What gives something its value is what people think it is worth. Everyone seems to be talking about selling their bitcoin gold. So who is the buyer to give it value? Seems it should have a very low value unless I'm missing something.

  8. mytzusky
    mytzusky says:

    Bittrex rocks – I'll set my limit sell for bitcoin, because in the first second after fork it will go down. Keeping to my wallet and depositing would take too long for sure.

  9. Faruk Temur
    Faruk Temur says:

    B2X people are planning to attack and kill BTC chain. When I read these I got scared and turned most of my investment into ethereum. If B2X people succeed people will lose faith in cryptocurrencies.


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