Daily: Bitcoin surges to $9700 !! Fiat on CyberMonday Discount

This weekend Bitcoin saw a major rally – but with a twist – the alt currencies are rallying as well!
0:58 Market Analysis
3:08 Mainstream Media On $10k Bitcoin: The Buyer Is The ‘Greater Fool’
3:32 John McAfee Warns Of The Danger Of Visiting Unsecure Websites / Android
5:12 Vitalik Buterin Lays Roadmap for Ethereum Visa Levels Quadratic Sharding

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30 replies
  1. 00rphb
    00rphb says:

    I should properly tell you that havn't figured it out yet that Bitcoin is a pyramid scheme.
    The short explanation for why is that it does not offer value; it only offer the promise of appreciation, based on the idea that it will go up and up in price, because more and more people will want it, because it will go up and up in price.

  2. Raghu Ravij
    Raghu Ravij says:

    Guys, please support me, I'm very poor, I have access to a PC and internet for about 3 hours per day. For me even $1 matters, please support me…. :-(((((((((((((((
    my ether address : 0x0d4617620dB40bae0F71990123A2f20a254D62fe
    bitcoin address : 1FXRkAU3SabxKtmeMBQpn57JpLX9mvnhUu
    God bless you !

  3. bitnet88
    bitnet88 says:

    Bitcoin on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange vs Open Market

    Note: CME does NOT trade Bitcoin but only virtual Bitcoin prices as all settlements are in USD! If I am not mistaken, their charter allows them or any of their account holders to NOT own any Bitcoin!

    Scenario 1
    Exchange | Spot | Month 2 | Month 4 | Month 6 | Month 8 | Month 10 | Month 12
    CME | 10000 | 12000 | 10000 |12000 | 10000 |12000 | 13000

    Is there any merit for such a scenario? Even so, it proposes an annual 30% ROI and will bring in big investors with billions of USD per accunt, and excite small investors to actually buy real Bitcoin instead of the virtual stuff on the CME. This will cause a rise in the price of real Bitcoin and cause a disparity between the CME and real markets.

    Scenario 2
    Exchange | Spot | Month 2 | Month 4 | Month 6 | Month 8 | Month 10 | Month 12
    CME |10000 | 11000 | 12000 | 13000 | 14000 | 15000 | 16000

    If this happens, many billions of USD will flow into the fund and affect other markets. But Bitcoin investors will snigger at the CME as the open market will NOT synchronize with this! So all CME credibility price fixing goes out the window and there will be some scrambling to save the virtual market as institutional investors feel shortchanged.

    Scenario 3
    Exchange | Spot | Month 2 | Month 4 | Month 6 | Month 8 | Month 10 | Month 12
    CME | 10000 | 12000 | 14000 | 16000 | 18000 | 20000 | 22000

    If this happens, stock markets and financial markets fall as much more fiat USD and other currencies will flow into the CME fund and affect all the other markets, possibly breaking the economies of some small countries. Real investors will still thumb their noses as it is possible that in 2018 the market will really boom as it moves out of the Innovator Phase to the Early Adopter Phase and real BTC will be worth USD 40K-50K as predicted for end 2018.

    Can Bitcoin grow to USD50,000 in a year instead of being limited by CME prices? Will Cryptocoin enthusiasts appreciate any scenario that will try to affect the open market? Can the tail wag the dog? While the virtual CME casino attracts hundreds of billions of dollars from institutional investors, NO Bitcoin will actually be traded, NO value goes into the Bitcoin market! It will only serve as a vehicle to continue the financial interests of the incumbent powers manipulating fiat currency.

  4. Electron Resonator
    Electron Resonator says:

    I own cryptocoin as well, but then I can;t believe this high spike in bitcoin, it should fall down a bit for a while, it's not normal, after Feb 2014 up to July 2016 the price of bitcoin never raise with this pattern, even if I gain more money from this, something that going too fast makes me worry as well, as if it's going to explode or jump off a cliff

  5. Nacog Doches
    Nacog Doches says:

    People are going to pull out at $10,000, thinking it signals time to take a breather. But this fair-sized exit will cause the price to dip, and the waiting hordes to jump in (that's the 99.9% that have been watching in salivating anticipation). Don't get off the boat! If you do, you'll be out a considerable amount in fees, lagging along the side of the road like the rest of the Regretful Sallies, wondering why you missed out on the NEXT $10K gain of the second rocket booster. Cape Canaveral baby! Don't be left in the water! We'll send you a postcard, but no much else when WE. REACH. THE. MOON at $100,000/BTC!!!!

  6. Franz Limeta
    Franz Limeta says:

    Thanks for the content @Boxmining! It is really hard for me to decide whether I want to self-off at 10K. Although a correction is "technically necessary", I believe that the futures market will push our market to newer and newer all time highs!

  7. Raghu Ravij
    Raghu Ravij says:

    hello Michael, I'm a poor man, Could you please help me, let say I have access to a PC + internet for 2.5 – 3 hours per day, is it possible to work online and earn bitcoins or some other crypto currency ??? Please answer my question… :-((((( I have very big financial issues :((( help me please and answer this question, sorry for my poor English

  8. 20helston
    20helston says:

    Can anyone help. I took part in UTrust ICO but my tokens never showed in my account. I have emailed the company and there now asking for TXHash, anyone know what this is? I sent bitcoin from Coinbase to UTrust. Thanks

  9. Bitminer
    Bitminer says:

    Calling you out @boxmining on the phone thing. That's a terrible idea that people keep spreading. No.
    The future will be ledger or the like creating a device to scan QR codes for payment and/or receive/send requests that need to physically be confirmed like on any HW. It'll be completely cold-storage and require the buttons and the like, but, like the USB cable, will have a connector to a wifi/bluetooth instrument that will connect to your mobile phone or the store/registers network.
    A true wallet. The nonsense about phone integration is just that; nonsense and will never be trusted in all likelihood not to mention it wouldn't even be considered till in-person payment is adopted and thus there needs to be the above middle-man device regardless.


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