4 Altcoins I'm Evaluating Before the B2X Fork

With the coming Bitcoin B2X fork, I’m actively evaluating a few altcoins to move some of my BTC profit into. In this video, I’ll talk about 4 altcoins that I’m actively evaluating as my go-to cryptos during this time period.

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  1. Vercusgames
    Vercusgames says:

    I think we'll move from a data mining economy to a privacy economy. The fear of AI and hackers using our data against us will only get worse. This is a great opportunity for crypto investing.

  2. GreenLine135
    GreenLine135 says:

    ETH and LTC are the only altcoin that are supported by Coinbase and GDAX and because these two trading platforms are one of the biggest i tink that these coins gonna boost up after the fork

  3. Lisa D
    Lisa D says:

    Bobby, what time does this fork occur? In other words, what time do I need to be sitting in front of my computer ready to make my move? I'm on Pacific time in Cali…

  4. auct tion
    auct tion says:

    Hi Bobby,
    you're always hovering over the same altcoins that everyone already knows about and you give very generic advice. we listen to youtuber to help us beat the market on the next big thing.

  5. Branden Firnstahl
    Branden Firnstahl says:

    Its always to look at it from all angles, couple things to evaluate how likely before going into ALT's pre fork..

    * Could the entire market go down after the B2X fork? In which case the best play is to have your money in USD or USDT (Tether)

    * Is it more worth just keeping the Bitcoin + B2X coin you will get? Perhaps Bitcoin will continue to rise though B2X? or maybe all money will flow into B2X coin?

    I think your right about which alts your considering. I like Ethereum is the one I like the best because it is seen as the most opposed to bitcoin and the one that will benefit the most from a weakening of Bitcoin.

  6. Cryptorise
    Cryptorise says:

    I dont think the increase in the 3 cryptos you mentioned is going to be just 20%. NEO will do quite well I think. Also, do look at newer cryptos like LINK and SUB. BTW, Rob can you cover Groestl Coin?

  7. Cooper & the Cash
    Cooper & the Cash says:

    Hey Bobby, it seems that all the altcoins are throwing a crazy party now that BTC has stopped going up. Looks like I made a good decision for once and bought the dip in Aventus and Quantum, do you have any good info about those 2? They're relatively young and seem like some really valuable blockchain projects. They haven't had their first real boom so I'm waiting for it for a nice 60% profit in BTC on each.


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