Which ICO Cryptocurrency did I invest in today?

Which ICO Cryptocurrency did I invest in today? Also I look at Steem, Bitshares and Digibyte! Learn how to fund your retirement with my Cryptocurrency Course for $10: https://www.udemy.com/cryptocurrency/?couponCode=CRYP10

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  1. Danger Close
    Danger Close says:

    We've been conned! Superior coin is fake. Suppoman puts out a video everyday for 70 days straight, earns our confidence then on the last day he teases us with a "tip" worthy of going "ALL IN". He hasn't been seen for a week just as the Superior Coin site is taken down after a couple of extensions before official launch. This stinks to high heaven.

  2. Travis Spence
    Travis Spence says:

    So bad that people with no knowledge at all about crypto can convince people that they have valuable knowledge. You know these coins aren't stock right bud? you've said it more than once in your videos. Pretty clear you are a new speculator that should keep his thoughts to himself and learn from others before you flap your gums.

  3. Larry B
    Larry B says:

    Man thanks for the great advice you give on your channel, also thanks for the bitshare tip that call was right on time very profitable, i joined your course also, keep up the good work!


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