This is what's REALLY HAPPENING in Hong Kong

This is what’s REALLY HAPPENING in Hong Kong
1) Is Bitcoin traded at a 4% Premium?
2) Is the Chinese Army (PLA) entering Hong Kong?

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I’m not a professional financial adviser and you should always do your own research. I may hold the cryptocurrencies talked about in the video.


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  1. m1
    m1 says:

    So dangerous to minimize the plights of the Hong Kong people when it doesn't really effect you, or you perceive that it doesn't affect you. But we are watching the final years of Hong Kong's Freedom… I am quite certain that one day your children will look back and wonder why so little was done to protect HK autonomy. And why so many China apologists like yourself did little to nothing to stand up for the rights of the Hong Kong people. I'm here safe in the US where we are fighting for free speech on social media and not free speech in general which is what the people of HK are fighting for. Amazingly stupid to minimize something so important as free speech or free judicial system. Don't worry though. Hong Kongers will have their personal properties frozen should China's new laws go through. Just as HK citizens can be jailed for things like selling certain books or having certain ideas. Dont worry Michael. Since I know that you don't really care about Hong Kong. I wont stand up for you when they pack you on a train to Xinjiang for helping the masses circumvent China's currency controls. See you in the showers friend!


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