The Truth Comes Out: Litecoin and Kevin O'Leary

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“Leaked” Litecoin chat with Charlie Lee:

Charlie Lee admits the leaked convo was true:

Charlie Lee explains but digs himself deeper (tweet thread):
Altcoin Daily vid on Kevin O’Leary:

Original Video of Kevin O’Leary Championing BTC in 2013:

Kevin O’Leary Today acting ignorant:


25 replies
  1. Tech-shot BLX
    Tech-shot BLX says:

    You dont get how LTC works. BTC/LTC will work together. I dont understand gow people dont understand this. Its simple. What developers work on LTC. Hmmmmmmmm bitcoin core. Idk up to y'all. BTC/LTC forever

  2. Stefan Backlund
    Stefan Backlund says:

    Litecoin will be running on Lightning network and has fixed amount that will be mined. That means: fast, cheap to use and it cant be used to rob wealth from all users through inflating it. I rather have several blockchains then just one massive one.. Corruption still is here and any one blockchain is a target.

  3. Brandon Norwood
    Brandon Norwood says:

    Bottom line adoption is coming and the top coins are just waiting for someone to come integrate it into there companies. Litecoin is in that boat and does not need anything but time. I would rather it follow BTC and stay safe on code that is being tested.

  4. Merve Gumusyazici
    Merve Gumusyazici says:

    Bitcoin is like: “the people’s money.” You can whine and cry about it not going up that fast. Or you can shut your mouth and buy! Especially when it goes down! Many people missed the opportunity to hold more bitcoin at its early stage, It's never late to buy now because if you miss buying now and expect to buy in the coming year, you will surely be shocked at the price it will be then. As an investor I will say buy more Bitcoin, because with that you will be among the major elite of the bitcoin industry. If you are an early adopter or a new investor and you are looking for a way on how to trade and earn more bitcoin, why not do so using Frank's strategy. He will give you the step by step guide on how to get started. I was able to make 8₿tc with 1.5₿tc in 2 weeks with the same strategy, you can reach him on { Frank.jenkins 101 @ gmail. com} or via Whats'app of Telegram +1 (904) 257-5689…

  5. Luca Toscani
    Luca Toscani says:

    1)kevin o'leary put 2 % of his networth in Btc in 2013 and sold it too early and he is angry
    2)1)kevin o'leary put 2 % of his networth in Btc in 2013 and he got his private keys stolen and he is angry
    3)1)kevin o'leary put 2 % of his networth in Btc in 2013 and still has them
    4)kevin o'leary didn't put 2 % of his net worth in 2013 and now he is angry
    5)kevin o leary is still buying and is trying to hide it. Or he wants to hide his btc from the IRS or CRA
    6)whatever it is he Lied bit time lol

  6. X Green
    X Green says:

    Charlie Lee has always maintained that Litecoin is a silver to Bitcoin. It does what Bitcoin does, also sometimes Litecoin works as a test net for Bitcoin. You actually made me want to invest in Litecoin. A lot of coins are hyped for no reason, their founders exaggerate just so they can push their price up. Litecoin and Bitcoin are simple, just like silver and Gold.

  7. martin moose
    martin moose says:

    Well I mean, good for KO’L for … sucking it up?
    I feel it’s actually valuable to have before-and-after clips like these when proselytising your typical skeptics 😂

  8. MTR
    MTR says:

    – Segwit adoption for Litecoin has far exceeded Bitcoin, we'll see that with privacy too.
    – Litecoin has its own hash algorithm, Scrypt, and controls +98% of Scrypt Hashing power. This means like Bitcoin, unlike all the other POW coins, Litecoin can't be 51% attacked.
    – Using Litecoin to get onto Bitcoin Lightning Network via Atomic Swaps will be cheaper than using Bitcoin to get onto the Bitcoin Lightning Network. Why? Because remember back in 2017 how much the transaction fees were? Bitcoin $50 transaction fee, Litecoin $2.

  9. L K
    L K says:

    RULE 1=don't trust any 'financial advisor' that comes on TV and spread TIPS…

    use your logic and understand the flaws of fiat in our daily lifetime…then make plans searching for something stable before it all comes down.
    Crypto has more utlity then fiat paper on many fronts

    easy to transfer
    fast to transfer
    easy to store
    can't be counterfeit
    every transaction is broadcasted to the network and can't be duplicated
    easy to switch from crypto A to B for example with Changelly
    You cannot switch from $ to € in 5 sec without using a bank system.
    The only way to pay in a different currency is credit card.
    Can't be controlled by a bank or government
    Get updated yearly and added new utlities to it.
    Easy to store on hardware or even on smartphone for payment.

    i'm sure there are many more positives

    the only negative i can think of is=lose key=lose funds, but eventually people will be more responsible and take power in own hands which is good


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