Snip – the Decentralised News Platform [sponsored] – Snip is something that is right up my alley – summaries news presented in a beautiful format. Instead of having long-winded articles that are optimized for generating ad revenue, snip features condensed articles with only the core details. This allows us to read the news very quickly, like an expresso shot.


Note: This is a sponsored post. I have reserved the right to give my own opinion. As with all ICOs, please do you thorough independent research.


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  1. David
    David says:

    Don’t compare to steeam pls, that’s a social network, something like Facebook on the blockchain, therefore decentralized, so revenue flows WITH people and not FROM people( beautiful project as well, steem coin )
    The ideia of Snip, from what I understand is a “decentralized news source” where u can get YOUR boost of news in a single minute.
    In this fase pacing world, I believe is an Amazing project.

  2. shiny x
    shiny x says:

    This isn't decentralized news, this is decentralized content. Just showing people content they want to see isn't new, and in the absence of fact-checking, it isn't news. What we need is a way to verify information as factual in a way we can trust. The centralized model is to hire journalists who have been to journalism school, who agree to professional standards, and have a fact checking department. People no longer trust this model, but we have yet to come up with a real alternative that surfaces unbiased facts. Crowd-sourced "sorting" is not a sufficient replacement for fact-checking on the ground because people vote based on their biases, not observations. "Liking" something doesn't make it true.

  3. Charles Patterson
    Charles Patterson says:

    I am naturally leery of any so-called 'decentralized servers' of ANYTHING if I cannot find a source from everywhere else simultaneously verifying the veracity of the output. I don't hold an Engineers degree but a mountain load of B.S. will not work as well as a snippet of forensically elegant math because after close examination the chain of custody will reveal a single server as the input. Great salesmanship, though! If I look too close many of these ICO's have a $1,000,000/yr P.R. contract retainer w/ Lazard or some-such nonsense to cover their ass. Am I mistaken? I really enjoy what you're doing Mike – so keep it up!

  4. Charles Patterson
    Charles Patterson says:

    How can news be decentralized if not ANYONE can be a reporter on events? calling it decentralized News would imply that ANYONE can be a News reporter. If it's just hired ?writers? I am not interested…plenty of that already and I'm trying to get away from editors or incentivized 'reporting.'

  5. EQ Games
    EQ Games says:

    So it's censorship resistant (because of IPFS) news. I can see censorship-resistant news being good for a country like China, but I think it would be much more valuable to just convert headlines from reputable sources to an IPFS site than to try to start your own site.

  6. Omar Touzani
    Omar Touzani says:

    Just another crappy project. There is no such a thing as a decentralized project. All projects will submit to big brother at some point in their development or face penalties, bankruptcy,…. The one and only one decentralized project is Bitcoin. No more no less.

  7. Robin Hood
    Robin Hood says:

    Interesting stuff.
    But if they are gonna make money of off ads & tipping, then why is an ICO necessary?
    Seems like they are trying to milk this.
    And we don't even know if it's going to be a decent news platform. There is no product yet.


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