Daily: Ledger Physical Hack. Binance Vs Japan. Vechain BMW parternship?

15 Year old kid managed to breach the ledger firmware (pre 1.4.1). Nikkei posted that Binance was asked to leave Japan.
1:00 Market Recap
1:50 Ledger physical hack?
3:35 Japanese orders Binance to close
Vechain + BMW?
FUD and the media

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23 replies
  1. CryptoNugs _dot_club
    CryptoNugs _dot_club says:

    Mr. Boxminer. I just bought a Ledger Nano S on eBay but only because I plan to clone it to one I already have. I am assuming there is no way for them to hack it being as they would have the private keys that I wouldn't even be using. Does that make sense? Is that right?

  2. Make Money
    Make Money says:

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  3. Seekin' Revenge
    Seekin' Revenge says:

    My 4 year-long girlfriend dumped me for a rich boy and i took an oath to take my revenge from them. Any help from small to large is really appreciated. Wish me luck.

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  4. Josh Pitchford
    Josh Pitchford says:

    Michael can you do a video on Skycoin already? They're working on their own hardware wallets and already have Skyminers shipping to run testnet. With all the FCC stuff happening, I think their vision of a decentralized internet is relevant!

  5. John Wijnberg
    John Wijnberg says:

    Thanks for a great quick news update…what are your thoughts on PCI DSS compliant wallet for Ethereum-based ERC20 tokens, it's a new wallet on the market, that was launched earlier this year by Worldcore

  6. Bernard Macarius
    Bernard Macarius says:

    Sorry Michael but no regulations proposed by any central authority should matter. Decentralized remember? You all can do what you like but consider me a criminal and I will pay the price but I do not and will not recognize any authority over Bitcoin, or any other coin or token nor market. This one belongs to the people! It is up to us the global community to identify weaknesses and rules and regulations needed and develop and implement changes that will serve us. This is ours! It does not belong to any governance to dictate, regulate, mandate or control. Dreamer perhaps, however in the very acknowledgement of any authority is a step in the wrong direction and will lead to centralized control eventually. This is just my opinion!

  7. jayc
    jayc says:

    Hey bro do you not get it about the "i'm not giving financial advice" statement? after bitconnect and all those key guys who are up for the lawsuit after giving financial advice but saying they weren't!…you can't use a disclaimer i'm not giving financial advice and then its all ok. If the authorities deem that you have indeed given financial advice, then you are toast my friend. So just bear that in mind and don't give advice on whether people should trade or not, just stick to the facts and how you see the markets and stay independent, and then you're sweet eh 🙂

  8. Rich Curtis
    Rich Curtis says:

    Why are crypto investors generally so nervous? Because we’re all sick of being at the mercy of the whales. Regardless of how good a project is, their team, their roadmap etc etc etc as soon as the whales get together and decide they’re either keen on or sick of a coin, we’re all just tagging along for the ride

  9. Roberto Gil
    Roberto Gil says:

    You are becoming like CNN And Main streem outlets You look for the negative information to get views why didnt You wait until oficial japanees authorities confirmed the binance ban before spreading the fud besed on hearsay no youtuber should Even mention This news unless it comes from And official source becuase people won't take the time to do their due dilligence they would react on hearsay so just by mentioning the rumor You contributing to the fake news because that Is all what it takes to affect the markets spread a rumor regardless of whether or not You agree with it so unconciously You are working for the Powers that be

  10. Naoto Nakajima
    Naoto Nakajima says:

    Hi Michael. The article of Nikkei doesn't say "The JFSA Wanred Binance". It says "may warn" due to inappropriate sales promotion without the license.

    As you notice that one of the largest crypto exchange was hacked which made concern for security issue to all exchanges in Japan and their primal concern is damage to investors.

    After this incident occurred, JFSA started to focus on any illegal activity related to cryptocurrency. One of them is the affiliate program of the crypto-related website. As the matter fact that the Coincheck is not registered exchange yet although they have been in the process of applying to JFSA. But they had advertised on the tv and affiliate program to compensate anyone who attached their URL. And those peoples who attached affiliate program which Coincheck had promoted also attached Binace affiliate program. JFSA said it may become the issue and it is what I assume meaning of "illegal activity" Nikkei says in the article.

    I am very upset the way Nikkei does, but it is a typical way to all major news media, such as CNN or Bloomberg also has done similar things in the past. So it is nice to pick the news by influenced people like you and tell the truth is so much valuable for us. Thank you for your work!


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