Daily: IOTA storms the market / China says Bitcoin will Die

IOTA is storming the market today after announcements that it is partnering up with Microsoft. We also have the Governor of People’s Bank of China voicing that Bitcoin will die.
0:56 Market Analysis
3:41 PBoC Governor Believes Bitcoin Will Die, But Chinese Market Disagrees
5:11 Largest US Options Exchange CBOE to Enable Bitcoin Futures Trading by December 10

Brendan Eich Interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CdMWn-tKx3o

WaltonChain Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x0rVORZ7Kmo

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21 replies
  1. coddudeful
    coddudeful says:

    Iota is going to pass bitcoin in market cap in about 2 years from now. Bitcoin wont die yet, but china is right. Bitcoin is outdated. Iota is taking over the market.

  2. mindaugas bulotas
    mindaugas bulotas says:

    i have a question guys. which platform is the best to trade cryptocurrencies ?> i`m using IQ OPTION at the moment, but the commissions and the spread on some of these crypto`s are very high. could you please name any good platforms where i can buy IOTA and other major crypto`s ? thanks


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