Daily: Bitcoin Waits for Fork / Graphene / Argentinian exchange to list Bitcoin?

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies prices stay stagnant as the upcoming hard fork looms over people’s minds.
0:40 Market Analysis- Waiting for the Bitcoin Fork
3:39 Graphene? A new way to pack blocks?
5:20 Argentina’s Biggest Futures Market to Add Bitcoin
6:53 Entertainment: Bjork’s latest album to give crypto / South Korean Bitcoin TV show

Graphene Paper: https://people.cs.umass.edu/~gbiss/graphene.pdf

Argentian Future’s market to add bitcoin: https://cointelegraph.com/news/argentinas-biggest-futures-market-to-add-bitcoin

Survive Bitcoin TV show: https://news.bitcoin.com/south-korea-usa-movie-stars-survive-bitcoin/

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24 replies
  1. Johnson Do
    Johnson Do says:

    Bitcoin seems unstoppable. Wonder how it's going to be after the fork
    I made a vid about my opinions on whether bitcoin is a bubble. Would love it if I could have your opinion on the matter!!

    WNF CRAFT says:

    Hello Mike! Let me introduce myself. My name is Denis. I'm a cryptocurrency investor and your channel fan) Programmers in my team made up an innovative concept of decentralized P2P exchange. We decided to organize the ICO for this project. It won't be huge ICO with enormous budget. Idea is to gather exact amount money which we need to develop this exchange and to make a market campaign. Anyway, my question is how much do you charge to advertise ICO on your channel? My e-mail is den8498844@gmail.com

  3. Luke Williams
    Luke Williams says:

    I was a bit concerned that with Trezor ( and I think with ledger its the same), that I might have to shift the coins to the main account from the legacy account : But Trezor support informed me
    that It will not matter on which account you hold your balance.
    "We are still evaluating SegWit2x support. After the last hard fork, we won't promise anything before knowing fully what we are dealing with, but we are also working on a manual way to split the coins.
    It will not matter on which account you hold your balance.
    There will be an official statement released in a timely manner. "

  4. Mark Russell
    Mark Russell says:

    absolutely excellent what South Korea have done. This is a brilliant way to encourage mass adoption. Once celebs get behind this on social media crypto adoption will EXPLODE


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