Daily: Bitcoin shoots past $11000, will there be a pull back?

Bitcoin continues to push its all time high to new heights. When we see a pullback? Is bitcoin a Bubble?
0:47 Market Analysis
3:56 Japan’s BitFlyer Opens Bitcoin Exchange in the United States
4:54 EOS STAT (Single-Thread Application Testnet) Announced
5:47 Ethereum Price Gains Boost Nvidia GPU Sales

Find how what to mine: https://whattomine.com/

Bitflyer opens to USA traders: https://www.cryptocoinsnews.com/japanese-bitcoin-exchange-bitflyer-opens-shop-united-states/

EOS annoucement: https://cointelegraph.com/news/blockshow-asia-2017-begins-opens-with-big-eos-announcement

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45 replies
  1. Стратегия бинарных опционов
    Стратегия бинарных опционов says:

    Добрый день. Не получается торговать на бинарных опционах? У меня есть уникальная стратегия, которая поможет поднять уровень успешно закрытых сделок до 80%. Переходи на мой канал и зарабатывай.

  2. Oh The Future
    Oh The Future says:

    I would LOVE to safely mine ETH or something but my graphics cards are wrapped up in editing videos. But there is a lot of downtime on my PC, too. Any advice on how to safely mine while not editing in Adobe?

    Thanks man. Love the vids

  3. Relevance
    Relevance says:

    You say there may be a pull back every milestone it hits, literally every time, yes theres always a possibility, but stay positive as a voice for crypto, and it will help ensure the community does the same.

  4. Jose Arteaga
    Jose Arteaga says:

    Micheal how the hell do I find out what chip set I have? and how to translate that and put it on that website? I have an intel core i7 i think lol thanks again for all your videos!

  5. The LOLbertarian
    The LOLbertarian says:

    As someone who was in the stock market for years before getting into cryptos here is a warning… In a normal healthy bull market you tend to have a retracement of 50% after a new high is reached. – That said – Cryptos are not stocks… cryptos are a safe haven from fiat… and if we were in an unmanipulated stock market I believe we would see Gold behaving like Bitcoin is now.
    I see cryptos going higher as more and more escape the total cluster fuck of money printing by the central banks… That said – look at the top 20 of cryptos… a lot of them do the same thing. Zoom out and look at the top 50… a large % of them do the same thing as far as a "Store of value". At some point there will be a massive shake out – but a strong core will survive… and then the under dogs are going to be based on use case / software case.

  6. Charles Watts
    Charles Watts says:

    If you want a currency that is decentralized and real, make it kWh.  Kilowatt hours.  It is real and can't be faked.  It can't be controlled.  It will be king over ALL cryptocurrency since they use power to mine and maintain their system.  We use it every day in our home and work.  We use it to make our food and goods.  It is already entwined into every aspect of our lives.  It will spark the next real revolution.  The Energy Revolution!  Storage will get better out of necessity.  Generation will get better.  Transmission will get better.  People can make a portion of what they need at home similar to how crypto miners mine free crypto.

    Public funded power plants will become U.S. property.  Transmission lines funded by public money become U.S. property.

    Any privately owned generation plants can't make up more than 5% total GDP.  All privately owned power plants, transmission lines, and equipment must buy and sell all power from the U.S. grid.  The grid is the marketplace where all transactions take place.  It can even be tracked by a public ledger system the crypto nuts clamour over.

    People can store excess kWh in battery systems or contracted future generation.  As storage results in efficiency losses, this is a natural barrier to prevent a single individual or group from stockpiling kWh to amass power and influence over everyone else.  Stockpiling contracted future generation will be safe from manipulation if you don't have the means to store or use the power.  Intentionally shorting circuits to consume large volumes of kWh to drive up scarcity will be detrimental to transmission and equipment on both sides of the demarcation line.  It has natural barriers to abuse and corruption.

  7. thegoodhen
    thegoodhen says:

    Even the people who have always been sceptical towards Bitcoin are now being optimistic. This is a serious warning sign. I got in late @ around $800-$1000;

    I am not saying Bitcoin is bad. I am not even sure how high it might go… But this growth is insane and it's definitely not driven by the adoption. That's why I sold 1BTC @ 10x profit; holding 1.something BTC forever or until $100K, whichever comes first. 😀


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