🛑URGENT: Top 5 Altcoin HODLS to become FILTHY RICH!! 🛑

URGENT: Top 5 Altcoin HODLS to become FILTHY RICH!! #bitcoin #cryptocurrency #altcoins

Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor and this is not financial advice. Everything expressed is my personal opinion only!

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50 replies
  1. Candra
    Candra says:

    Thanks, Suppo. Good stuff as always 🙂

    I've been thinking lately, that as Bitcoin is now eclipsing getting all the attention, maybe alts would be the smart investment, as nobody's thinking of them.. better buy now than when they're again pumping.

    Atm I'm interested in Yggdrash and Neurochain 🙂
    Although they are not in the limelight, their teams are working and great things will come with these two.

  2. Anji Kumar
    Anji Kumar says:

    Your video was brilliant, I’m really loving Bitmax right now and plan to keep hodling. Either locking up for divs or for trading works well. Thanks for great content as always ❤️

  3. Dash Nigeria
    Dash Nigeria says:

    Nice to see Dash on the list. But it should have been higher, probable in the top 3 due to its distinguishing features such as:
    Low fees
    Global Adoption
    Masternodes, etc.

    Can't wait for MOON!!

  4. Mark B
    Mark B says:

    Never mind my portfolio getting rekt Wilson Phillips was well and truly rekt by your good self Suppo 🤣 again though you make me laugh with your karaoke classics. Great vid Suppo and I'm with you on Hedra Hashgraph I also believe Omnitude will be a fantastic long term hodl. Great vid, cheers skipper 👍

  5. Robert Kinsey
    Robert Kinsey says:

    What makes you think that alts will go back up again? Every altcoin chart is bearinsh as anything, even Ethereum looks bad when you thing that in 2017, when Bitcoin was a $10,000, Ethereum was at around $1000 look now, Bitcoin is at $11,700 and Ethereum is at $220 that means Ethereum is at less than 20% of its value in 2 years. Why would you not just stick to bitcoin, it's the fastest growing asset in the world this year. It's possible alts might pump, but the millionaire windfall time of early 2017 has gone for good and most likely so is the millions that they made.

  6. Dash News
    Dash News says:

    Dash is making the digital cash vision for cryptcurrency payments a reality offering the best value proposition and experience for users, merchants, exchanges and traders.

    That's why Dash is called Digital cash! Dash transactions are instantly confirmed, secure, cost less than a penny to send to anyone, anytime, anywhere and is instantly respendable!

    Unlike many other cryptocurrencies which require waiting for multiple confirmations before you can spend it, Dash now operates exactly like cash: once you have received payment, you immediately have the freedom to turn around and spend it.

    Users and merchants do not have to wait for long payment confirmation times as Dash transactions are instantly settled and secure. Exchanges now have the ability to enable instant deposits and withdrawals for Dash and cryptocurrency traders can utilize Dash's instant transactions to take full advantage of arbitrage trading opportunities.

    Dash is Digital Cash making everyday payments simple!


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