What the hell is going on with Bitcoin Cash? Programmer explains.

Bitcoin Cash has been on an amazing bull run the last couple of days and today we talk about the reasons. Coinbase has added Bitcoin Cash and BitPay promised to allow Bitcoin Cash payments. We also talk about coinbase insider trading and gdax failure.

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Ivan on Tech by Ivan Liljeqvist


48 replies
  1. Igor Mamaev
    Igor Mamaev says:

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  2. Tim Othy
    Tim Othy says:

    Another thing that happened when it went up so much, is BITMAIN, released a new batch of Antminer S9's. (Same Day) This has been a trend in people buying up lots of BCH in order to purchase the Antminer's. This in correlation with Bitpay, and Coinbase is definitely the reason for this huge spike. Look for a 30 percent spike, the very day Bitmain releases their next batch. Make a note for yourselves.

  3. Hans
    Hans says:

    Really like your videos! Excellent work teaching others. I would like to see a tut with screen share of how to use Segwit and lightning network from cli! Hard to find good tuts out there. 🙂

  4. Human Man
    Human Man says:

    Let me tell you something important you may not know. The $9500 bitcoin cash price was not just a glitch. It was a glitch with consequences. GDAX website said $9500 was the LAST TRADE. Yes, someone paid $9500 for one Bitcoin Cash coin. Many other people paid $5000, $6000 $7000 and $8,000 For one bitcoin cash coin. The question is what will Coinbase do about it. Will there be a class-action lawsuit or will the Attorney General get involved? This is the only exchange which had these kind of prices.

  5. Luc Chase
    Luc Chase says:

    Seems to me BCH has not ruled out layer 2 options. But they have decided to make use of a configuration parameter to maintain performance. That's what it's for, right. BTC is being dogmatic about the only option for scaling is to use the Blockchain, less; by using a protocol which allows speed but off-chain. We have stuff like that already; and they work, but are not Byzantine Fault Tolerant. Those transactions will be disputable. Perhaps good for niche use cases. Sidechains could be great and I'm confident BCH will embrace them. However Blockchain architecture is not scalable, on chain. It's like insisting bubble sort can scale and perform rather than just using a different approach; just because you have an emotional attachment to it. Time to move on to an architecture with boundless scalability. And stick to the goal of efficient Byzantine Fault Tolerance.

  6. Arcade Alchemist
    Arcade Alchemist says:

    problem with crypto is it's designed to make the middle class dump their wealth.
    those uneducated think the crypto market is all easy money but infact unless it's being used as a real currency to buy things with it will always fluctuate.

    keep your eyes open for the shops like amazon and what currency they start taking. this way you'll know what coin will be the true mark of the beast

  7. daphoenixto
    daphoenixto says:

    Bitcoin and all it's offshoots will continue to crash a the informed mind comes to the realization that it is a trap created by a a ghost person and all this blockchain tech is the basis for an AI that will tie individuals into a Skynet style supercomputer that will destroy us….just think if you have an Echo,Home, or any other intrusive "toy" you have already let them into your house and they can listen to your privacy

  8. Cryptosilver Loverboy
    Cryptosilver Loverboy says:

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  9. Aaron
    Aaron says:

    The real danger for BTC it being previously billed as "digital money" to becoming "digital gold", or from "tender of value" to "store of value". Once that perception sticks, against the backdrop of competition from alts that are innovating and scaling, it's going to be very difficult for BTC to shake that reputation and Core risks languishing as the Earthlink of blockchain.

  10. Josiah Ufono
    Josiah Ufono says:

    This price drop is caused by nothing but network clog. This isn't likely to be solved except we see a layer two solution soon. 250K+ txs stuck in mempool with 7tx/sec on average.

  11. FZJ80
    FZJ80 says:

    I don't think we are "due" for a correction, the mechanical moves are way different now than they were in 2013… More adoption, more big players in the game and not as many sellers.
    I say we are due for a parabolic move to the $50K range (240% up move) before we see a correction. Weak sellers got shaken out already, now it's gonna consolidate and push higher.

  12. R G
    R G says:

    People would be wise think with their mind instead of their heart. Big ballers from wall street have missed a lot of gains with BTC. They see BCH as quicker and cheaper. They don't need to understand all the tech to realize a lot more money can be made in BCH if they can help make it replace BTC. BCH on coinbase is big news. This happens the same day Segwit2x announces they are forking on Dec 28. No one talking about B2X or all the other forks occuring this month. Wall street will explain to the masses not in the market (that out number those in the game by a large majority) that mass dilution has occurred and BTC value should go down 8X. Going to be the little guys holding those bags boys and girls. Trade with no emotion. I don't like BCH but you know what I'm here to make money and I'm invested in it.

  13. Gary Wolff
    Gary Wolff says:

    I'm concerned that BTC has no spokesman, while Ver is out their spreading FUD and misinformation to pump up BCH. He's off the rails with some of his statements, but what he's saying in terms of potential BTC problems will only come to be because he is pumping fear into people and instigating the situation that wouldn't occur otherwise… I'm referring to his comments on how people should have BTC on exchanges so when BTC crashes as BCH takes over, they can sell it and buy BCH and not watch their BTC become worthless as huge network delays prevent them from getting BTC to exchanges… Such a dramatic scenario wouldn't occur, but could possibly occur if he keeps pumping that to the sheople and instigates such a situation.

  14. Zycho
    Zycho says:

    If B-cash would have only bigger blocks, would that solve all problems?? Suppose it would reach the pice of Bitcoin and experience the same load on the network, then it wouldnt be able to cope either and fee's would also be astronomical, just like bitcoin now is right?

  15. Steleet22
    Steleet22 says:

    Deviating from the White Paper is just fine. Segwit Coin should have been a hard fork keeping the legacy chain intact, like BCH so people actually had the freedom to choose. Core brought this divide on us in the worst way.

  16. cedracine
    cedracine says:

    Bcrash has a boring unsafe technology, just widened the road from 1 to 8Mb which keeps old flaws and bugs as the Maleability of Transaction, and with the centralization of mining on Jihan Wu Antminers, as He has Patented the ASICBoost technology, keeping for himself and customers the advantage of profitability.

    On the other side, SegWit and Lightning Networks and other evolutions made on Bitcoin BTC are replicated and shared with other blockchains like Litecoin, Vertcoin, etc. opening gates to crosschain i.e. Atomic Swaps.
    SW is still keeping the original (actually overloaded) road and interconnects it with a highway network.
    SW is already a block capacity increase, devs are working on a backward compatible way to as well increase the block size.

    Big players as conbaise or blockchain have not yet implemented SegWit and this cause the overload of the mempool while studying Johoe's Mempool Statistics, I suspect a spam txs attack starting a couple days before BTC difficulty 17% increase, sockpuppets negationist propaganda pump, and that's the vicious timing chosen by the on-off-line mass (not educated to Bitcoin) exchanger to release the pretentious bcash.

    Bitcoin exists since 9 years, is a legal currency in Japan, can be used to pay taxes in Switzerland, is now on Wall Street not speaking about the widest merchant adoption, Value, Hashpower, Security, Decentralization, Open Team of Best Worldwide Devs, etc

    Bcash is a son of Bitcoin with a huge Oedipus complex trying to kill his father!

    I would never say I am my own father, I respect and admire him, he has worked with IBM but he is getting older and I might be more advisable on some newer technologies (and yes my father as I did has dumped his btrash as soon as we could have them confirmed on hitbtc.)
    Roger could then pretend bcrash is a "better Bitcoin" (which from a tech point of view is far from true), but stop pretend it to be Bitcoin! There is One Bitcoin. Forks are Alt coins, some have a good project / code, others are scam!

    Keeping the same address format is again such a stupid thing as lot of newcomers will send their coins to the wrong chain and loose their money!

    For all of these reasons, I am aBTC Bitcoiner, I hate the pretentious attitude of btrash leaders and sockpuppets, and without being a fan, I hodl my Bitcoin Gold at least for now as I see BGold much more "honnest" than BTrash (Yes, I know and do not approve premine, bug in wallet and hiden fee in mining pool…)

    Litecoin is my second favourite as 4 times faster than Bcash, as cheap as btrash, more secure, established since 2011, has all the communication links ready to work as the Settlement Coin with Bitcoin being the Saving Account.

    Shitcoin on Shitbiaise what a SCAM!
    Abusing newcomers with btrash Centralized AsicBoost Jihan Wu & Roger Ver's Private Paypal Coin.
    Bryan Armstrong has now lost what was left of his integrity by fake announcements, pumping with a hold on trades with bch.

  17. John Smith
    John Smith says:

    of course bitpay is going to accept be cash. their business model cannot work with transaction confirmations that take days and costs 20 to $40. Bitcoin is basically broken as a transactional currency right now because the Developers are being bribed by blockstream so that the banks can run all of these lightning Network sidechain channels and interpose themselves into our transactional life again

  18. MorgothCreator
    MorgothCreator says:

    I think that for moment is good the increase of blocks.
    It will increase the need for storage capacity and processing power, but I do not see that is a big problem.
    Let be seriously the technology and speed of technology increase exponentially +-.
    For me, a problem is with the new step with implementation of channels, I want that my money to be on my wallet, not on other server ( on an oppened channel ).
    I do not want centralized systems, is not this the purpose of Bitcoin.
    So for now I am with increasing the block size, and with time we implement other >>>> DECENTRALIZED <<<<< technologies.

  19. B0K0R
    B0K0R says:

    Going through rough times financially. Any whale care to donate me .0005 or less bitcoin. Make my christmas. Anything is appreciated. Thank you :). 3HXTJ5nrFFdicCh3uV8MG1dgJn7kAE4DDz

  20. Deadbeat Pennyless
    Deadbeat Pennyless says:

    I thought this guy was a tech guy and he doesn't know how Lightning and SegWit works?! Goto and listen to the videos by Crypto Anarchist if you want a detail technical analysis of these technologies.


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