ARE ALTCOINS DEAD? ⚰️IS NOW THE TIME TO DUMP? #bitcoin #cryptocurrency #altcoins

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  1. David Carruthers
    David Carruthers says:

    I compared BTC to Alts in the last cycle (top 20 available at time). Alts generally shined in their BTC pair after bitcoin broke the previous cycles high. Before then generally (Of course there were exceptions) it was better to hold BTC. So, personally, until BTC passes the $19k/ $20k mark I'm not expecting much from alts. Kinda makes sense, when new BTC highs reach the news FOMO starts to set in with people looking for similar new highs on alts. My own approach anyway.

  2. Olivia Robert
    Olivia Robert says:

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  3. adamekg567
    adamekg567 says:

    There were a lot of predictions last week that bitcoin will be 12,000 this week and right now they are running out of patience and with so much fear because they don’t know what will happen next since it hasn’t gotten to 12,000 yet as predicted. I have been investing in bitcoin for 2 years now and sometimes I make more loss than profit because I always go with the predictions. I was at the point of giving up on investing in bitcoin until I knew Mr. Jason, He gives me accurate signals in making more profits and increasing my bitcoins in my portfolio. I am never giving up on bitcoin anymore. I can still remember the first time I contacted him on his telegram @jason24trade WhatsApp: +44 7482 862366 just like yesterday because I have been smiling. BITCOIN TO THE WORLD ✌🏻

  4. Earn money online with Gourav
    Earn money online with Gourav says:

    Who have less knowledge about cryptocurrency they will say everything is 0 lolzzz still daily alts are going 10% 30% 100% up in no bull run then what u taking about lolzzz
    If u r a trader u can keep making easy 10% or more profits in this market .. else buy some alts hold for long term which will pay u big simple…

  5. T 7
    T 7 says:

    Alts have just corrected as wave 4 of 5. 5th wave up has started with 5 sub waves and has length at least 1 to 3 so may end either January or just before BTC halving. Now is best time to load up on quality alts.

  6. Lisa Marie
    Lisa Marie says:

    ThankYou for another Excellent Video, Suppo 🙏.. I agree that it would seem to be a good strategy to sell Alts now and wait for bitcoin ATH, however I feel the same as you. I absolutely will not make a move because like you said, In crypto anything can happen at anytime.

  7. Rimmy Reddy
    Rimmy Reddy says:

    I am buying up all of the nebl supply. I think there is a great chance it will go to .30 cents. I want to keep buying till it hits that mark. I will then sell it for .27 cents or maybe lower as I think nebl will probably go to 0…lol . Only btc and nrg here. Nrg has impressed me.

  8. James Stephens
    James Stephens says:

    Not even close to dead. Have you heard of Algorand's new staking rewards program? It is quite likely the best in the history of crypto for longterm hodlers. Minimum 100% ROI in two years is guaranteed for simply hodling, and in practice it will be a lot more, because those who sell their positions disqualify themselves. If you consider the price appreciation of $ALGO, a 10x or more isn't out of the question. Not bad for simply hodling a top project.


    In for 99% in bitcoin. And buy only BNB Usdt. Projects are creating good things, but the altcoins behind that companies are mostly worthless junk. buyed with high priced icos. That's since day 1.
    80% of icos projects didn't need a ICO with high prized tokensales.
    Its only pump and dump for the defs.
    2017 altcoin hodlers made some USD profit but forget that alts. But altcoiners did lose a lot of Value in Bitcoin.
    If people only hoding Bitcoin in 2017 they have earned more in USD.


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