Steemit Roadmap 2017

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The theme for Steemit in 2017 is simplicity.

The 2017 Steemit roadmap aims to provide a more user-friendly experience for new and existing users.

Here are some of the changes to expect in the near future:

The payout period will be compressed into a one time payout, 7 days after you post.

Payout delegation will enable you to give commission to not just the authors and voters, soon you will be able to reward referrers, hosting providers and developers also if you choose to. This can bring new business opportunities to steemit.

Also the payout for the comments on a thread will have their own payout period, rather than being tied to the payout period of the post.

Keep in mind that Steemit is still in its beta phase and this allows for major changes to be made as the creators and developers work to continually improve this platform.

Just like these giants rolling in, Steemit aims to make big waves in the social networking world and with each improvement they’re bringing more innovation and possibilities.


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