‘MASSIVE’ MULTI-TRILLION DOLLAR CRYPTO BOOM INCOMING! (Must Watch!) #bitcoin #cryptocurrency #altcoins

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  1. KingRychissTV
    KingRychissTV says:

    Great video. No matter the coin/token that you prefer, they all offer something that we all like. I’m a millennial holding it down for the future. Thank for you for this information.

  2. Young&Reach
    Young&Reach says:

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  3. Alic John
    Alic John says:

    It was all like a joke to me when allen recomeded qiaug to me and he flipped my PayPal account …couldnt believe it all …you guys could try him up on whatsapp +1845-293-3085

  4. youssef attar
    youssef attar says:

    they said no real hacker on earth not until I find Qiaug or via WhatsApp +1 845-293-3085 i was surprised when I find out I got $7,200,00 on my credit card thanks MR Qiaug I’m really greatful sir

  5. ozimax06
    ozimax06 says:

    Suppo I like your videos but each time you say bulls are coming after an increase, the s*it gets upside down. From now on, when you say bulls are coming, I ll prepare for mass destructions. I hope I’m wrong

  6. Greg Pifer
    Greg Pifer says:

    I totally forgot about how businesses like UBER could be autonomous and decentralized, I fisrt learned of the this when studying Holochain a few years ago but had forgoten, Thanks the video!

  7. Silblk
    Silblk says:

    X- First fully decentralized coin will take over in my humble opinion. blockchains can't have problems and must be frickin flawless. So that only leaves ADA ~ CARDANO

  8. Woningkoopkracht B.V.
    Woningkoopkracht B.V. says:

    Don’t forget that all the money that the babyboomers Made buying houses & stocks after the war will pass on to the millennials and the will not use this money buying gold / stocks like there parents but crypto📈. This generation has seen what 2008/2009 has done to there parrents, so the don’t trust banks etc looking out for them.

    That is a lot of money coming into crypto!!

  9. Gordias Gordian
    Gordias Gordian says:

    Gen X – about 50% crypto. My father is Silent Gen and doesn't understand crypto. My kids are Gen Z and will be interested over the next few years, since they have been around it for the last 5 years.

  10. Nathan julien
    Nathan julien says:

    Check suppoman out the btc 1 month chart blx it look like were in a massive elliot wave thier could be possible ABC correction depending on the style of elliot wave abc thanks suppoman

  11. Ira Bliss
    Ira Bliss says:

    GREAT JOB!!! XXXX GEN XXXXXXX HERE! born in 70! I am all about Cardano. Wouldn't it be nice is we didn't have centralized banks and regulators to stand in the of "bitcoin/cryptocurrency? Im glad you said yes…….because of that's what it looks like for Cardano! Cardano did marketing in places that didnt even know much about BEC or ETH…..THEY only heard about ADA (mainly) 3rd world countries that have NO existing financial structure! the population is bigger than the US! they developed their own programming language to ensure they could quickly get up and running! Cardano is going to break out and be huge I will be a millionaire several times over!!! as I am still buying ADA!!!


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