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Now that ICOs have been pumping out like crazy this past year, it’s good to take a look at which ones are continuing on their progress towards the goals they set out to meet and marketed in a way that got people to invest in them in the first place.
Decent bet
Twitter: Update:
ICO ended: Oct. 21, 2017
* Testnet release of their Slots and their House
* Added to Yobit exchange which led to an increase of users and interest in participating in their slots.
* Upgraded wallet
In the near future they will:
* Updated website
* New exchange listing

ICO ended: Dec. 9, 2017
* Over 600 loan transactions have occurred on their platform.
* Released a new version of their application named: Omura, still in Alpha.
* They’ve added 130 new collateral tokens.
* Collateral calling, in the event that the token has dropped at least 33% the lender can claim their collateral tokens.
In the future they will have:
* Instructional videos for using the platform
* New GUI release
* Decentralized credit ratings

ICO ended: Dec. 25, 2017
* Listing on exchanges: Binance, OKex, KuCoin, Mercatox, Cobinhood, Radar Relay, Liqui and most recently Coinrail.
* Signed with 4 major manufacturers in the Netherlands
In the future they will:
* Continue to recruit developers
* Add more manufacturers
* Continue to build their marketing and media presence.
* Achieve more exchange listings

Upcoming videos will take a look at other projects like Enigma, Santiment, and Pillar.


34 replies
  1. SonyJimable
    SonyJimable says:

    INS is in the right market but has serious structural problems that will likely prevent adoption.

    (1) The first issue is that INS model does not provide sufficient reward to Token holders to make it worthwhile as an investment. The Token holders capitalize the consumer Token but receive no share in the success of the business. Unfortunately, the Token does not compensate this lack of security with any kind of "interest" or other earnings (eg: operating Nodes etc…) so holding these have no measurable benefit. A smarter way to have set this up would have been to establish two Tokens – one representing investment stake in the Network & Enterprise Ecosystem (similar to NEO) and the other a Consumer Token (similar to NEO GAS) for generating Network Fees, and for consumers to use as currency for purchasing goods… Fees earned from Vendor programs and Network charges would then pay stakeholders equaly.

    (2) The second issue is consumer adoption, as the current structure does not encourage consumers to change purchasing habits. Consumers are likely to be resistant to the need to acquire a crypto Token that cannot be used outside of a single online store. Also consumer prices charged are set by the vendor but instead of passing through an agreed percentage of Supply Chain cost savings the Vendors believe they can increase margins and offer (optional) loyalty bonuses at their discretion. For this reason current trials in Amsterdam show no cost reductions for consumers. At the same time (due to so few Vendors participating) the choice of products offered on the INS portal is extremely small and unsatisfying – meaning that consumers will not be able to complete their weekly shopping cart from the INS virtual store and will have to still visit storefronts. If consumers do not see consistent benefits, it is hard to see mass adoption.

    Due to the number of experienced businesses moving into this space, I do not believe the INS Ecosystem will reach any meaningful markets in order to gain "pioneering advantage". Meanwhile alternatives are being developed in the markets of China, Germany/France and the US. More importantly these new ICO's will include a range of additional benefits for the consumer such as Spend reporting, QA / tracking, cross border benchmarking etc… as well as more benefits and better back-end integration for the Vendor and their supply chain partners. Best of all some will recognize the benefits of having investors on board and will build a model that brings everyone forward as the ecosystem succeeds… As it stands, INS has been a disappointment for Token holders as unlikely to provide a benefit to consumers or vendors in the future.

  2. Rob H.
    Rob H. says:

    Anybody using Hitbtc?? GO TO AN OTHER EXCHANGE, when you lose your 2FA they will not recover you!! Still waiting for 10 weeks, send several email NO RESPONSE!!!

  3. Crypto Elite
    Crypto Elite says:

    Still not talking about ETN? Sad. They've accomplished a lot so far. After the 26th most people may regret not giving ETN some attention. Still a good video tho. I actually have a position in all three. I especially like DBET. Stay decentralized!!

  4. Clay Hawker
    Clay Hawker says:

    U R G E N T !!

    Heya CT great vids my friend!

    Can you please do a vid warning people about LIQUI exchange! It’s scamming heaps of people their funds and yet it’s still listed in coin market cap.

  5. Ggdivhjkjl
    Ggdivhjkjl says:

    In spite of INS not yet returning to where it premiered at, I'm quite happy with how well it's holding and look forward to it rising more as the INS Ecosystem grows 🙂

  6. Jorn G
    Jorn G says:

    Nice you're going to talk about Enigma, I bought some a while ago. It's a great project (true decentralization), great team with MIT guys, not too many coins in total supply. Also, thanks for making such great videos. 😉

  7. Chris Jun
    Chris Jun says:

    Crypto Culture is being definitely polluted with misguided information on Telegram and youtube. I think you should focus on that and scams which are almost all ICOs.

  8. bheller34
    bheller34 says:

    INS is pretty Interesting, definitely will check it out. Can you look into Genesis Vision? I think it's a game changer in the Financial/Investment arena for Crypto!

  9. Cirkuit 365
    Cirkuit 365 says:

    A couple other coins I’m into are Achain(ACT – developer platform that allows/permits forks), Ethereum Classic(Callisto CLO airdrop happening soon, also now under IOHK’s wing), Moin(privacy coin with a POS consesus algorithm, low supply and very very low market cap-riskier but big reward). I’m a huge DeepOnion hodler as well but i know you’ve mentioned that one before. Looking forward to your next video.

  10. Cirkuit 365
    Cirkuit 365 says:

    Hey Heidi thanks for sharing these. I’ve been into INS as well, picked some up already. Will keep an eye on the other two. Btw your hair looks really nice wavey like that 🙂


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