THIS is why Altcoins are lagging behind… #ALTSzn

Altcoins are lagging behind – When is Altseason- whilst Bitcoin is pushing higher and high (300% since Jan). So what’s the reason by the low performance of altcoins – especially smart contract platforms.

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I’m not a professional financial adviser and you should always do your own research. I may hold the cryptocurrencies talked about in the video.


26 replies
  1. Lemo Noel
    Lemo Noel says:

    My alt picks are: ETH, BNB and AGI (Token by SingularityNet: Platform that combines AI + blockchain and lets anyone create, share and monetize AI services at scale + these AIgents can learn from each other + top10 contributions on github + very big tech company partnerships like e.g. Ping An)

  2. Jason Bowlin
    Jason Bowlin says:

    Those people that think alts are goin to zero are the people that just buy and don’t do research on the projects, basically those are the people that are looking to get rich quick and not interested in what they are buying.

  3. Crypto Solitaire
    Crypto Solitaire says:

    Dark days for altcoins, due to the ongoing instability of bitcoin, the whole market seems to be extra volatile, since then bitcoin has started surging people are looking safe site dumping their alts to buy BTC, though this is not the case with all altcoins some are performing well like Cajutel, maintaining a safe point and isn't really affected from altcoin Cash, reason is not clear.

  4. infinity and beyond
    infinity and beyond says:

    i cashed out more than 50% of my alts at the peak on 2018, translate into usd value about 350k , spent all that money on casino gambling, prostitube , travelling…. now i'm left with less than 50k worth of NEO😣😢😭🤤😲


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