Elio Motors Launching ICO To Build Cars? | Can Eliocoin Save This Car Company?

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According to a newly launched website, it looks like Elio Motors may be in the beginning phases of attempting to launch their own cryptocurrency called Eliocoin.

The controversial car company has been fund raising for their Elio automobile which has 3 wheels, seats 2 people, and somehow gets 84mpg on the highway. Although the original estimated costs were much lower than $7,000 the currently listed price on the company’s website is about $7,450 for a base model.

The big question among Elio enthusiasts and skeptics alike is “Will this car ever come out?”

Elio Motors has certainly seen its fair share of fund raising, and has also seen some setbacks that have prevented them from being able to fully produce even their first unit for sale. Up until now all we have seen are working prototypes, which have done an extensive Press circuit at various PR events and auto shows around the world.

It remains to be seen if Eliocoin will be a success for this company, or if they still remain unable to get their act together to release a viable consumer product.



24 replies
  1. ThomasTheSailor Chubby
    ThomasTheSailor Chubby says:

    Paul Elio ain't giving up !.. His Machine is far superior to other 3 wheelers of the economy class.. All the others are electric.. Elio will be a Hot seller.. If they can produce.. With Overstock.com jumping in and Jones Trading handling the Eliocoin.. We have 2 more heavy hitters up to bat for Elio.. It's gonna happen..

  2. Dreaklock
    Dreaklock says:

    I has hyped and ready for this thing….. in 2015. Since then I've lost hope. I'll get one if it ever comes out (and gets good reviews and lies up to the 84mpg) but I'm not holding my breath. Now they're saying 2019 release, but I think we all know 2019 is when the next delay will come claiming 2020.

  3. Doc Wicked
    Doc Wicked says:

    Oh yeah better tell us to buy another one of these crap projects with no working product guruntee to depreciate 80% like everything else you said to buy since December

  4. Matrix Portfolio
    Matrix Portfolio says:

    Elio.. has been saying they're going to launch every year since 2014. And it never happens. They're not getting a penny from me. I invested in the year they told me they were going to start producing cars when they got their Factory in Illinois. And never got my money back. And they keep doing it over and over and over


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