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Hardware Wallet- Ledger Nano S:


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  1. Michael Fair
    Michael Fair says:

    Someone is SCAMMING MONEY using your good name Boxmining. See comment in your pinned tweet. Like an idiot, I almost sent him 3 Ether. I was convinced it was you and my greed angel was talking to me. You should remove it before someone actually does get scammed.
    Good lesson for me though about greed. It's something you obviously would NEVER post

  2. kedarvideo
    kedarvideo says:

    Just had a chance to have a long personal conversation with 2 responsable managers of the ICO FoodCoin in Zurich. They will establish their headquarters in Switzerland later this year. This is quite a promising ICO because it has some real foundation, the 1000ecofarms project that unites farms and consumers world-wide. Also Swiss authorities are supporting the project in various ways. There is a + 50 % bonus in the pre-ICO until 6 September. Don't miss it. Here is the direct link:


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