Moving heavier into BTC and XMR

With the news that the SEC has subpoenaed as many as 80 companies and individuals involved with recent ICO’s, I’m starting to more heavily weight my portfolio in cryptoassets that I think would be unaffected by “potential” regulation. These types of cryptocurrencies, at least in my mind include Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero and ZCash.

Let’s discuss a bit more about why I’m thinking this and how it could potentially affect you as well.

NY Times Article on SEC Subpoenas:

Coindesk article on tZero ICO:

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  1. Mike M
    Mike M says:

    What's up Rob would love for you to do a video when you get some time about crappy ico's ones from the past that we all know about and ones that are going on now that maybe some people aren't aware of maybe some key points to talk about or red flags that you first noticed that helps you stay away from those ico's and red flags that people should be thinking and using now to continue to stay away from ico's that could end up being a waste of money appreciate all your videos and all the knowledge keep at it sir

  2. richw76
    richw76 says:

    Is it possible that they are doing subpoenas to say hey we’re looking and paying attention. Keep the bad players away and the good players honest.

  3. lazygin001
    lazygin001 says:

    Privacy coins like Monero, Zcash and DeepOnion etc are great and I don't care if governments don't fancy them. They are there to protect our identities, our anonymity, our security. Why would anyone want to have someone watching his/her back 24/7 right?

  4. sT R
    sT R says:

    Hey Bobby, thanks for this interesting video. You talk about monero, unfortunately i missed it some months ago. 🙁 So it would be really cool if you would made a video about other cheap privacy coins. I heard something about Verge and the issue with privacy. Is this correct? o.O i invested some money but i`m not sure if i should hold or sell :/
    I also found a coin with a huge community behind, it`s called DeepOnion. It was mentioned the last weeks sometimes by other youtubers. I did some research and found a lot about great development in the past and cool features for the future.
    Maybe you can make a video with some undervalued privacy coins. Thanks man!
    Keep doing this great stuff!

  5. Night Hawkz
    Night Hawkz says:

    Monero was one of the first coins I got into when starting in crypto, luckily back then it was very cheap, about 1/100th of what it is now. That said recently I have been diversifying into other Privacy coins, I feel that the development team of DeepOnion for example Is offering the next Generation of privacy coin to the market. I sold out of Verge after the Mcaffee pump, but Monero, DeepOnion and Dash all form parts of my folio still.

  6. Josh Allen
    Josh Allen says:

    I feel like another ALT season is coming, but that a lot of ALTS won't make the cut this time. Its time a lot of these crap projects are purged. I am sticking to accumulating top 25 coins only

  7. I Finn
    I Finn says:

    I don't see this as FUD at all. This will only generate more buys into BTC, ETH & LTC which will increase the value. This will be good for the market overall IMO.

  8. ScottyP
    ScottyP says:

    Thanks for the heads up, i saw that the prospective shipping dates kept changing and getting closer. Think I saw it was 3/3 the last time I looked. FINALLY ordered.

  9. Tim Ulrey
    Tim Ulrey says:

    I love yo face, Bobby.
    Privacy coins that will see larger returns than Monero (yet staying in XMR's wake for a while):
    DeepOnion, Intensecoin, SumoKoin. Get it, folks.

  10. andre 2112
    andre 2112 says:

    I also think that most privacy coins will not be affected by future regulations. I have a large part of my portfolio in anonymous coins: Monero, Zcash and DeepOnion (to exploit a potential explosion of this project in 2018).

  11. km
    km says:

    Love the mention of Monero and Zcash you should check out a couple lower cap ones like DeepOnion and Zoin. Privacy coins should have a massive 2018. I can’t wait until alt season commences and we see take off again. Keep up the videos.

  12. Off thecuff
    Off thecuff says:

    Some really good points made here, I felt the same a few weeks ago when the possibility of regulation for ICO's and maybe crypto itself stepped up. I feel privacy coins will be big this year so have invested in Monero, PIVX, DeepOnion and Verge.

  13. Crypto Pete
    Crypto Pete says:

    Small time poor buyer so I am loving this bleeding. This is my only chance to strengthen my position in Alts. Slowly buying BTC as well it feels like it's ready to start moving anytime now.

  14. Brian McCray
    Brian McCray says:

    It only make sense, and is preferable to have companies like get subpoena and be a part of the discovery process for the SEC, I’d be more worried if they picked a bunch of scams and determined that the whole space was junk.

  15. Brice Forrester
    Brice Forrester says:

    Also I am glad that the SEC is making Crypto more a mainstream topic. Not worried about the SEC. don’t think they will ban crypto but glad they gonna look at ICOs. @CASHAALTD has gone through all the GOVT regs and swill be way ahead of most cryptos when the Regs start kicking in


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