Why an Update Won't Fix Trezor and KeepKey Vulnerability & What You Can Do About It

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Blog Detailing the Extraktor: https://ledger-donjon.github.io//Unfixable-Key-Extraction-Attack-on-Trezor/

How to Add Passphrase on Trezor: https://blog.trezor.io/seed-pin-passphrase-e15d14a0b546

Video on multi-passphrase on Trezor here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=212NH5xfVrc

How to Add Passphrase on KeepKey: https://blog.cryptocoin.cc/2019/05/26/guide-how-to-enable-and-a-bip39-passphrase-with-keepkey-to-increase-your-security/

Restoring KeepKey: https://www.reddit.com/r/keepkey/comments/5mmmhe/using_passphrase_with_keepkey/


25 replies
  1. Exciting World Cryptos
    Exciting World Cryptos says:

    thanks for the amazing update about Trezor. for sure always give peace of mind. I really enjoy your locations. lots of scenic places, coming from a travel person myself, always love different destinations.

  2. Andrew Offord
    Andrew Offord says:

    Thanks very much Heidi, really appreciate this and it reinforces the importance of taking personal responsibility when it comes to crypto security. Equally important to enjoy and embrace the beauty of our natural environment:)

  3. adrub
    adrub says:

    I get it… Even more so after having my Exodus wallet hacked into after somebody convinced an AT&T store to transfer my telephone number to a different Sim card. They then used my telephone to do a reset on my email account. My email had my exodus back up keys on it… Which I didn’t even realize. I do now. They took small amounts of five different types of crypto’s from my Exodus wallet and wiped it out right in front of me . That happened two weeks ago.

  4. Joe Copeland
    Joe Copeland says:

    Does adding the 25th "word" to your trezor affect the HD Wallet's address generation sequence? In other words, if I wipe my trezor and load my previous seed with the addition of the 25th word, will I have access to my funds? Or must I move them to the new HD wallet? Thanks for your replies.

  5. noryn syra
    noryn syra says:

    Ledger uses closed-source chip technology so no hardware wallet is perfect. Who knows if Ledger is backed by the govts/banks of the world and knows how to hack that closed-source chip that's in every single Ledger device?

  6. Mark Ford
    Mark Ford says:

    Zero surprise to me, but a major reason to use an original trezor is simply it's small size, and that it's mostly plastic. Easily concealed and harder to detect.

  7. TOMinPDX
    TOMinPDX says:

    These sort of issues are what will keep the general public from adopting crypto on a large scale. The complexity of keeping it safe is going to be too much for a lot of people and the threat of it all being stolen is just too risky. Or if they do get crypto they will likely keep it on exchanges, at least until easier safer storage methods are developed


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