Daily Update (5/15/2018) | Could Ethereum futures be around the corner?

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41 replies
  1. easemailbox
    easemailbox says:

    The join about EOS with Rob Jesudason is a bad match! Rob jesudason quit at CBA EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY (basically terminated) , due to huge scandals and investigations regarding corruption and money laundering. I dont want him anywhere near my EOS tokens. He cant get a job in the banking sector, nobody will have him. Do a quick search and see I am correct. He is under fierce scrutiny from a ROYAL COMMISSION into financial Mismanagement. VERY BAD NEWS FOR EOS.

  2. Khiem Nguyenturner
    Khiem Nguyenturner says:

    The corrupted federal reserve with Fiat currency is like coinbase with futures in Bitcoin (all the manipulation) and now ethereum futures. Soon they will capture all the coins through more manipulation , stupid coinbase. Fortunately there are other exchanges in the world that are properly regulated.

  3. Rafał U
    Rafał U says:

    Great video Nick! You asked for players on the market. Can you take a look for bitcoinz? It's massively undervalued, it's a privacy coin , growing community, decentralized, no fork, no air drop or pre mine. They have just developed TXTZ app which allows you to send coins via sms – no smartphone needed. Worth a look?

  4. alessieric1
    alessieric1 says:

    Hey Nick! please can you talk about DECRED project?. Not many are covering decred, would be good to know how u see decred in the near and further future. Please feature this guys, they deserve more exposure too :)))

  5. Bass meo
    Bass meo says:

    Substratum node doesn't "work". The only reason why people can access SOME websites with it is because they change to the Cloudfare DNS, wich has absolutely nothing to do with Substratum. You have the same functionality just changing your internet to use Cloudfare DNS than using the node. It's about time you stop shilling that project.

  6. J
    J says:

    Can you checkout Origami network.

    Low cap coin with great partnerships that has been on the rise. Potential 100x imo.


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