My DIY Ethereum Mining Rig (with AMD graphics cards)

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I built this rig 3 months ago, and she’s been mining both Ethereum and ZCash (depending on which one is profitable at the time).
Setup (Roughly $1000 USD for whole setup):
2x AMD RX 480
1x AMD RX 280 (bought this one used!)
Processor AMD FX – 6300
Power Supply – Antec Gold 1000W
RAM – 8 GB DDR 3
Hard disk – 128 SSD

Yield (Zcash OR Ether)
* No overclocking – Don’t want to break my cards
* Zcash Hashrate : 870 h/s ($6.66 USD/ DAY)
* Ethereum Hashrate: 60 Mh/s ($5.07)


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  1. Riddlla
    Riddlla says:

    Ive got questions, I have "copied" your mining rig hope you dont mind. I have amd rx480 and 2 old amd radeons. Im getting has rate of about 21/hs is this good? I also got a Amd A8 processor and 16gb of ram. does the processor and ram even matter? and how much ether do you get a month?

  2. Dylan1oo
    Dylan1oo says:

    I hope the currency fails and you lose all the money you have put into this you and many others have made it very hard to get ahold of graphics cards to build PCs and raised the price for them now people with not alot of money cant get upgrades or even build good powerfull PCs

  3. Ismailo
    Ismailo says:

    hi friend i am new to etherium classic which i want to mine plus other alt coins with my hp spectre laptop win 10, what advice can you give or help so that i can make downloads and setup. I will be grateful with your kind feedback on this.


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