Bitcoin Price to $100K! 1,46 Billion People in Crypto, AssetStream – Crypto News

This $11,000 is different than the last time. Bitcoin price could go as far as $100,000 this year, Binance CSO suggests. Mattie is also looking into new reports suggesting that 19% of the world population bought crypto prior to 2019. He will also give you an overview of AssetStream, a globalized P2P micro finance Platform aiming to replace intermediaries with blockchain technology and ‘bring the bank to your doorstep’.
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19% of World Population Bought #Crypto Before 2019: Kaspersky Report

Why is $11,000 Mark different this time for #Bitcoin

ASSETSTREAM – P2P #Microfinance Platform (Sponsored Affiliate Link and content)

Bitcoin to $100,000 says Binance CSO
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19 replies
  1. Kevin cross
    Kevin cross says:

    This vid is bullshit, there’s absolutely no way that many people bought into crypto’s, I’m shocked you released this video with such inaccurate information, TBH it doesn’t say much for your research or knowledge..

  2. Brandy Wasay
    Brandy Wasay says:

    if 19% bought crypto … then there is no way that Bitcoin and altcoins would be going to the moon any time soon… if this were true, it would take many many years before we can see 100% rise in crypto prices.

    xX_CHARTRAW_Xx says:

    19% is way too high. There not counting the people who don't have access to smartphones or PC's. My with has 600 people. That would mean 114 people own crypto. I can count maybe 10 who own some.

  4. Cabernet in hand
    Cabernet in hand says:

    19% has purchased crypto? That’s a laugh. Go out on the street and ask 100 strangers if they know of or have purchased crypto. I’d be surprised if more than one or two say yes.

  5. Abramov Garin
    Abramov Garin says:

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  6. CRYPTO 420
    CRYPTO 420 says:

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