Daily Update (11/08/17) | SegWit2x gets canceled and alt-coins rally

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  1. Gino Eelen
    Gino Eelen says:

    We haven't left the old paradigm at all, not even by a long stretch… as long as people keep being 'optimistic' or 'pessimistic' about 'the markets',and thinking in terms of profit and loss and getting rich, tell me, what has changed really….?


    🚨🚨Bitcoin is an crypto currency

    ✅Launched in 2009 it's launching rate is 0.1$

    People those who invested in btc in starting and hold there btc are billionaire now a days

    ✅But as of now bitcoin reached its peak point and those who are now investing in btc they will not get that much return

    Bitcoin rate crosses 1000$ because its users increasing day by day

    ✅In 2017 January TCC THE CHAMPCOIN is launched

    It is also a crypto currency like bitcoin

    ✅It's rate is increasing very rapidly

    It's launching rate is 0.0000037 BTC

    TCC current rate is 0.005562 BTC

    just in 2 month *TCC THE CHAMPCOIN rate increases 120 times*

    ✅Expert's expecting TCC* will cross 0.033 BTC in just 1 year means at the end of 2017

    And expert expecting that TCC will beat BTC till 2021

    TCC already having 1crore+ users and TCC users increasing day by day

    So it's great chance to invest in *TCC and get good return*

    👉👉Install tcc exchange application from play store and make tcc wallet

    If you want to buy tcc revert me

    ✅I have invested 0.6 BTC in TCC at its launching time and my 0.6 BTC now converted into 73 BTC

    So don't invest in BTC invest in TCC

    ✅You are having a golden opportunity

    Invest in TCC your small investment today will make you millionaire

    Best regards

    Yasmeen ansari
    *Up coming silver achiever

  3. Njideka Obikwelu
    Njideka Obikwelu says:

    Nick thank you for the time and effort you put into educating us over and over again.. we love you and you're way more influential than most pips on that list. the end though.. awwww…. 🙁

  4. icanhelp 7
    icanhelp 7 says:

    I just took the survey, answered the questions and guess what happened:

    I added a new


    Nicholas Merten (Data Dash)

    do the same if you want to thank this guy for all his efforts

  5. Fritson
    Fritson says:

    Please do a show on Excel Crypto Portfolio tracking spread sheet. A very important and necessary tool for everyone to track their many coins profit/ loss . Thank you

  6. cdxer
    cdxer says:

    Barely know who any of those people are in on the list.
    I listen to you cuz I found you like YT and you sound more like you know what's your talking about than others. People will know about you soon enough


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