Bitcoin Rocketing to $6,000 ?!

Bitcoin just shot up $300 in two hours, pushing $5,995. Will it break resistance at $6,000? And is this all due to the upcoming B2X and Bitcoin Gold forks, or will the run continue past $6,000. Let’s talk about it today!

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  1. Code Methods
    Code Methods says:

    Bobby, just caught wind of your channel. Good stuff! If I only have time to watch 1 or 2 vids a week, which days would you recommend? Monday to catch up on weekend activities if any and then Thursday or Friday to close the week? Thanks!

  2. Sorcerer Prince
    Sorcerer Prince says:

    Bitcoin is going to 10k a coin. Would be dangerous to trade. At 11k the mainstream will begin to come in and it will drive it to 40k by March 2018. Sept 2018 Bitcoin at 100k. This will start Bitcoin mania destroying all altcoins and may even cause a stock market collapse.

  3. Jimbo
    Jimbo says:

    Note:I firmly believe a lot of manipulation exists in this. From day one. Oddly JPM trash's the market briefly and crush's the price….then loaded up and here we go to 6K. Not a coincidence in my opinion. Just glad i got involved a couple years ago when everything was cheap….it certainly seems the newer ICO's are suffering for the time being. I will continue to accumulate some of them bobby has mentioned too. There are some excellent tokens being developed, consider them for longer term value. We are still early in the game but much due diligence is necessary….on a side note i am getting 6-8 phishing scams in email a day from slack and something looking like my ether wallet etc claiming changes do to the fork and i need to update my info, of course requiring me to enter my private keys. Crypto is ripe for fraud, BEWARE.

  4. Alex Escatel
    Alex Escatel says:

    This seems to be all FOMO buying into bitcoin over the past month I see a big price correction coming after the BTC gold and segwit2x nonsense, I think almost anybody could agree with my statement. What I don't know is the magnitude of that correction.. Personally I'm buying heavy into Altcoins and Ethereum I think they have great potential going into 2018 once everyone gets there fill of the BTC mass hysteria… This may just be another bubble waiting to pop, however I am still very new to this market and do not know how future events will unfold.

  5. Silent Lamb
    Silent Lamb says:

    Crypto bob not asking for f,advice could of got five btc a day or two ago, but was untimely with funds, now can get four and a bit… im in fo life, should i go balls deep? Half? Will we ever return 😭😭😭 what are your thoughts pal…..

  6. Hermann Schmidt
    Hermann Schmidt says:

    It took some time for me as a crypto beginner, but now I have realized that it's not worth buying any other currency, unless it has a clear uptrend against BTC. I was looking at the USD values all the time. Unless you don't plan on selling for fiat you can just as well stay in BTC, which is by no doubt the leading currency.

  7. J J
    J J says:

    So my ass here thinking ''It's a bubble I mean 4700->5700 in what, a few days? Selling a portion and putting my money into OMG''
    Since then, OMG has been steadily falling and BTC is about to hit 6000, fml.


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