Bitcoin Runs past $12k, Is It Too Late to "Get In".. IOTA cools off (for now)

Bitcoin has run past $12,000, all the way up to $12,900 in the past 24 hours. So many people ask me, is it too late to get into Bitcoin? Did I miss the boat and should I put my money in something else? Let’s talk about why I think it’s not too late to be in Bitcoin and why it should at least be *part* of your crypto portfolio. Also, IOTA has finally cooled off a bit after it’s 1000% run in the past 30 days.

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  1. dreamomega
    dreamomega says:

    Sold some litecoin last night, about 100 dollars worth to drop into bitcoin cause the percentage gain has been stupid, been at 100 dollars for a while the (litecoin) per one, fucking went up 37 dollars overnight. My luck man.

  2. Slow S
    Slow S says:

    Great video, smart, reasoned stuff. Hadn't seen one of yours in a while and remember them as being very amped up and loud vocally. Like this approach better. Thank you.

  3. homerbloodysimpson
    homerbloodysimpson says:

    All my alts are down by 20% apart from STRAT, but that won't last forever. Looks like ppl are shifting from alts to BTC.

    My question is: Is Tether/USDT actually a good place to hedge your stops to? Why can't Tether actually show an audit report of their backing?
    This might be important if BTC goes South by > 20%.

    btw; I never liked tulips…

  4. Carl Bin
    Carl Bin says:

    After watching your video for newbies back when Bitcoin was 8k. I invested $300 and am now at $800. I feel fractions of Bitcoin can still make you money. Thank you for helping me decide to join.

  5. Brian Cappello
    Brian Cappello says:

    I have to thank you for speaking about ADA. I researched it and think it's going to be huge. I do agree that bitcoin is smart to have and half of my portfolio is in BTC but I am quite worried about insistutional investors shorting it

  6. Slickz HW
    Slickz HW says:

    The buy orders is going crazy. Just insane demand. Whenever it gets a small correction it gets eaten up by buy orders. Whenever futures lunch we gotta see it balances out SOMEHOW. Good to see everyone making $$$$

  7. Dave Dawson
    Dave Dawson says:

    BTC is up 25% in a day according to coinbase. Wow! Sold some off on GDAX. Bought some more LTC which has remained around 88 euro this evening. I think it's due another rise. Best scenario for me personally is BTC goes down a bit (but doesn't crash) and LTC rises a bit for a flip from some LTC to BTC. That's be great for me personally.


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